A Year Together! All 2019 Tip Tuesdays in One So You Can Rehearse and Prepare for a Productive 2020!

Dear Amped Blog readers! Thanks for being here today, December 31st, the last day of this wonderful year. But most of all thanks for following our Tip Tuesday appointments throughout the year. We’ve shared 51 tips with you this year and we sincerely hope they’ve been useful to you. (We made an exception to the weekly schedule in March, when the great Amped Replay was launched, that’s why they’re not 52.) We had positive feedback from you all in terms of visits and messages, so I’m excited to announce that Tip Tuesdays will continue in 2020!

Today’s tip is kind of a utility one: it provides a list to all the tips we’ve written this year, so you can quickly scroll or search through them and catch up with those you may have missed.

Tip Tuesday Blog Series List

  1. Introducing our New Tip Tuesday Series
  2. Clones Blocks and Clones Keypoints: which one is better? 
  3. Amped FIVE Customization
  4. Exif Metadata Sometimes Tells More Than it Seems
  5. Static & Dynamic Tracking: never miss your object(ive)!
  6. Log-Scale: A Great Ally for Plot Interpretation!
  7. Trim, Crop and Watch Processing Time Drop!
  8. Quick Triage with Amped Authenticate’s Batch File Format Analysis Can Save You Lots of Time
  9. VeriFIVE your files (aka “How to hash-check files in your Amped FIVE project”)
  10. Is your image embedded in a PDF file? No worries, Amped Authenticate can handle that!
  11. Did you know Amped FIVE lets you work with hindsight?
  12. Amped Authenticate’s “Show Saturation” Feature Saves You from April Fools!
  13. Amped FIVE’s Motion Detection: the way to skip the noise and focus on the action!
  14. Recaptured Images Are a Good Way to Fool Forensic Analysts… but Not those Equipped with Amped Authenticate!
  15. One Click So You Won’t Miss: Amped FIVE Snapshots Help You Reach Better Results, Faster!
  16. Even the (Byte)Streams Can Tell More Than It Seems: Learn How to Spot Hidden Data in Images Using Amped Authenticate!
  17. When Simple Things Matter: Learn Why Reversing the Video May Greatly Improve Your Results
  18. Better to Take a Look Than to Overlook: Image Thumbnails May Contain Hidden Information, Authenticate Helps You Find Out!
  19. Working on Many Chains? Multiple Panes Will Ease the Pain! Learn How to Split Amped FIVE’s Viewer and Boost Your Work
  20. Behind the Scenes: Customize the Rules Beneath File Format Warnings and Make Authenticate as Strict as You Like
  21. Dealing with Interlaced Videos in Amped FIVE: There’s an Exception That Makes the Rule!
  22. Time After Time: Amped Authenticate Shows a Lot of Dates/Times Related to Your Image, Learn How to Interpret Them!
  23. Your Work Is Bright, Now Just Tell It Right! Learn How to Get the Most Out of Amped FIVE’s Reporting Functionality
  24. Need to Process a Lot of Images But Time Is Short? Don’t Worry! Amped Authenticate Runs a Custom Set of Filters Offline and Caches Results For You
  25. Written in Stone: Learn How Amped FIVE Log Files Record Every Step You Took In Reaching Your Results
  26. Sharing the Smoking Gun: Did You Know Amped Authenticate’s Camera Identification Can Work With Images From Facebook?
  27. Scripta Manent: Learn How to Quickly Lay Out and Print to Paper Many Frames With Amped FIVE
  28. No Need to Believe: How to Verify the Reliability of Time and Place Information in a Picture Using Amped Authenticate, Your Eyes, and the World Wide Web!
  29. In a Flash, with the Hash! Learn How to Quickly Spot Identical Frames in Amped FIVE
  30. Bet on the Net! Amped Authenticate Allows Searching for Reference Images on the Web for Better Integrity Analysis
  31. Zoom In On That! Amped Replay’s Magnify Tool Creates Impressive Magnifications That Boost Your Evidence Effectiveness
  32. Read Beneath the Lines! Learn How Amped FIVE’s Color Deconvolution Filter Helps You Take Out Relevant Elements from Color-Mixed Images
  33. The Lifesaver: Convert Hundreds of Unplayable Videos in Batch and Save Hours and Headaches With Amped DVRConv!
  34. Check Them All! Learn How to Run Camera Identification Against Multiple Reference Devices in Batch with Amped Authenticate
  35. The Ghostreader: Learn How to Read Latent Writings on White Paper Using Amped FIVE and Some Intuition!
  36. Video Redaction Made Easy: How to Pixelate or Blur Moving Subjects with Amped Replay
  37. Learning by Examples: You Have a Treasure in Your Amped Authenticate’s Samples Folder, Learn How to Make the Most of It
  38. Drop the Mouse! Learn How to Save Hours of Work Using Amped FIVE’s Shortcuts
  39. The Sweet Chain: Learn the Importance of Firing up All the Proper Filters in Amped Replay to Get Better Results
  40. First Things First: Learn How a Proper Visual Inspection Can Guide Your Image Authentication on the Right Path!
  41. The Bigger Picture: Did You Know Amped FIVE’s Multiview Filter Lets You Combine and Sync Multiple Videos?
  42. Need More Canvas? Learn How Amped Replay Automatically Enlarges Your Video to Make Room for Annotations!
  43. Feed The Machine! Learn How to Easily Generate Computer-Processable Results With Amped Authenticate
  44. On the Fly! Learn How to Use Amped FIVE’s Measure 3D Filter to Measure Objects That Are Not on the Ground
  45. Don’t Turn It into an Eye Test! Learn How to Properly Resize Your Images with Amped Replay and Why It’s Important
  46. Try This at Home! Validation Is Important: Use These Datasets to Test Amped Solutions
  47. Long Story Short: Learn How to Quickly Include Screenshots of Maps, Documents and More in Your Amped Authenticate Reports!
  48. Two Clicks and WOW! Learn How to Use Amped Replay’s Light Filter to Get Just What You Need
  49. Science at Your Service: Learn How to Remove Periodic Noise With Amped FIVE’s Fourier Filter
  50. A Special Mission For Us: Santa Couldn’t Read This Wish List, So He Called Amped for Help!
  51. A Year Together! All 2019 Tip Tuesdays in One So You Can Rehearse and Prepare for a Productive 2020!

Looking back at this list makes me so happy about the decision to continue with Tip Tuesdays next year. Our plan is to have more case-oriented tips, possibly accompanied by videos that show how to use Amped solutions to solve those cases. So if you know some friends that may be interested in getting some free advice on forensic image and video analysis, invite them to join our blog! And remember: tips are great, but they can’t replace training… so if you’re already filling up your 2020 agenda, remember to book your seat!

Happy New Year

Thanks again for your time with us, we wish you a great New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!

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