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Whether you’re an experienced forensic analyst or just getting started with video evidence, we’ll surely have something for you. Here you can learn more about how to properly handle images and videos to improve your investigations, starting from the field, up to the forensic lab, and then to the courtroom.


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Amped Engine Updates

Amped DVRConv and Amped Engine Update 32367: Many More Formats and Hardware Accelerated Transcoding

Reading time: 4 min The latest update to Amped DVRConv and Amped Engine brings exciting news for the future of proprietary video extraction and conversion. Welcome to the latest update post for Amped DVRConv and Amped Engine. For those new to our software suite, Amped Engine is the power unit behind all of our forensic video applications. Without it, the correct decoding of proprietary video formats originating from Video Surveillance Systems would not be possible. Here we focus on the conversion process and some exciting new developments to assist users.

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Amped Replay Updates

Amped Replay Update 32077: Updated GUI, Support for Audio Files and Much More!

Reading time: 5 min Amped Software welcomes you back in 2024 with a refreshing Amped Replay release, featuring a revamped GUI, support for audio-only files, enhanced Annotate tool, and expanded file format support. Happy New Year everyone! From all of us at Amped Software, we hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2024! We kick off this new exciting year with a brand new release of Amped Replay! To complete the circle of cosmetic updates that we have already implemented in Amped FIVE and Amped Authenticate last year, we bring you a new revamped Replay with fresh and modern-looking buttons, icons, and panels. At popular demand, we also bring you support for audio-only files and improvements to the Annotate tab. Stick around to find out more!

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