How to Use the Validation Tool in Amped FIVE

amped five with validation tool

In this ‘How To’, we will walk through the process of dataset generation and comparison using the new Validation Tool in Amped FIVE. Designed to identify pixel value changes, the tool is a quick way to create initial datasets, and then compare them against others from different software versions or when FIVE is used on different workstations.

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Amped FIVE Update 28265: Validation Tool, Convert DVR Options, Subtitle Auto Loading and much more

amped five update

Hi everyone, it’s Amped FIVE update time again. We have new tools, many filter updates, and a raft of bug fixes to cover. So let us dive straight in.

The new Validation Tool deserves a dedicated post, and this will follow on within the next week. In the meantime, let’s take a brief look at it. Then, we will go through all the other new features in this Amped FIVE update.

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CCTV – The Beginners Guide

women looking at cctv cameras

In this post on CCTV Acquisition, we will provide a base for the series by breaking down CCTV into a relatively easy chunk. Understanding CCTV could be a series in itself. Nonetheless, we feel it’s essential to understand how CCTV works before getting into the weeds of recovering it. 

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision and derives from the time before computer networks or video streaming. The ‘Closed Circuit’ comes from the fact that the video signal could be viewed and recorded. However, there was no method to transmit or share it outside of the cabled infrastructure. 

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Learn How to Remove Sensitive Audio in Amped Replay: Ready, Steady, Redact!

remove sensitive audio in amped replay

Dear colleagues, we are very thrilled to introduce you to the new exciting audio display and redaction features now available in Amped Replay! Additions that required weeks of intense development and testing, but which we are immensely proud of. And we think you are going to love how easy it is now to remove sensitive audio from your evidence!

In the past, removing sensitive and/or unwanted material from digital media evidence was considered a niche editing skill that only a specialized video unit could undertake in a law enforcement agency. And there was a good reason for it, of course: the process required ingesting the evidence, editing the material and exporting the processed media to a forensically acceptable standard. This is a delicate workflow that requires specialized training and skill set in forensic video processing and analysis.

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Introduction to CCTV Acquisition

introduction to cctv acquisition

Welcome to this new Amped Software blog series on CCTV Acquisition. In this fortnightly series, we hope to break down some misconceptions and challenges, but also provide some solutions for the initial recovery of video evidence from surveillance systems. 

Make sure to stay up-to-date with our blog by checking in regularly, as we will be posting a new article every two weeks. You won’t want to miss out on any of the content!

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