Raising Awareness on Video Evidence at the European Parliament

Last week was pretty amazing. I’ve been traveling for business for the first time after more than two years since Coronavirus. While my colleagues had attended several events,  I’ve not been around very much. I relied more (maybe too much) on what modern technology had offered to us.

However, there are some things that it is better to do in person. Stakeholder engagement is instrumental in order to deal with the institutions: particularly the EU ones. 

And so, I traveled to Bruxelles where I visited the European Parliament for the first time. On may 17th I had the honor to organize the institutional meeting “Video Evidence Analysis During Investigations: Raising Awareness to Grant Security and Justice Through Science”.

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Amped DVRConv Update 24628: More Formats Decoded, New Format for Writing, and New Frame Rate Adjustment Option

It’s update time again! Amped DVRConv is the stand-alone drag-and-drop conversion tool used by Forensic Video Units worldwide. Its success has been down to its simplicity and flexibility. It can ‘watch’ directories for incoming multimedia files, parameters can be set for all files, or individual settings can be made for specific tasks. And with new CCTV formats being identified daily, it’s important for us to get these to you quickly, ensuring your investigations can be completed quicker and easier.

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The Answers To Your Amped FIVE Questions

In the past few years, we have hosted many webinars about our products. During the sessions, we received lots of interesting questions from the participants. Some of them have been asked frequently, so we thought it may be interesting to write them down for people to read them. We take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and we look forward to meeting you or seeing you again at future webinars!

You can check out the next webinars here.

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Amped FIVE Update 24474: Undo / Redo, New Encoding Options, Timestamp Playback, and Much More

Yes, you have read the title correctly! One of the most requested and anticipated features has now been built into Amped FIVE. We have been working on Undo / Redo for some considerable time and it is fantastic to make it available to you in this release. Along with this new ability, there are many other new tools and functions to introduce, so let us not delay any longer, let’s go!

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Does Deep Learning-Based Super-Resolution Help Humans With Face Recognition?

Dear Amped friends, we’re glad to announce that our research team, in collaboration with prof. Sergio Carrato (University of Trieste), authored a new scientific article! The title is the same as this post’s: “Does Deep Learning-Based Super-Resolution Help Humans With Face Recognition?”.

There is little doubt that AI-based super-resolution images (bottom left) are visually more appealing than bicubic-interpolated images (bottom right). But does that lead to improved recognition accuracy?
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Video Evidence: Don’t Take It For Granted!

In the past years, policymakers dedicated a lot of attention to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and privacy, especially in relation to video surveillance and public safety. While these are very important topics, I think we need to also dedicate some attention to the more fundamental issues that often go unnoticed and relate to the proper understanding of image and video evidence, both during investigations and in court.

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From Mechanical Engineering to Forensic Video Analysis: The Experience of Alan Michaelis

Alan is the owner of ALCAR Multimedia; while he transitioned relatively late to the world of forensic video analysis, he attended a lot of different training classes and became soon very passionate about the topic. Read on to see what first sparked his interest in the field and what are the most important aspects of training and education.

Martino Jerian, Amped Software CEO and Founder

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Let’s Meet Up In-Person: Join Amped Software at the Upcoming Events

Many industry events in digital forensics are taking place in the following months, and the trends across the video forensics sector are constantly changing.

So don’t forget to register for the upcoming events to stay updated and meet with Amped Software to discover our latest product updates, exchange ideas, access workshops, and attend many interesting and varied presentations.

We’d love to meet you in person, so don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ampedsoftware.com and schedule a meeting with our team or request a personal demo.

We also offer several opportunities to expand our knowledge in video forensics. Take a look at the agenda for the next live Amped webinars to take place from March to June 2022.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Amped Webinars: What’s Coming Next?

Here we are again sharing with you some great news from the digital image and video forensics world! We are very excited to inform you that we have scheduled the next live Amped webinars to take place from March to June 2022, where you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Get a better knowledge on how to face video evidence challenges
  • Get a better understanding of video analysis and enhancement processes
  • See the new and exciting developments that will make your life easier when investigating images and videos
  • Learn tips and tricks on basic and advanced tools to improve your video analysis workflow

After viewing each webinar you will be issued a certificate of attendance by email documenting that you have taken part in the session. Please note that a certificate will only be issued to those who request it and who have attended the entire webinar.

Below you can find a wide range of topics and dates designed to cover all image and video processing needs relating to forensics, investigations, public safety, and intelligence.

What are you waiting for? Register today for free!

Download the full agenda here.

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