LEVA 2021 – Annual Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium

LEVA’s 32nd annual video and audio evidence symposium will be held in Franklin, Tennessee from October 18-22.
This annual training event provides valuable workshops and lectures focused on the science of forensic video analysis and on the needs of digital multimedia evidence. This premiere event also offers great networking opportunities and video forensic examiners are coming from all over the world to attend.

Amped Software is excited to be exhibiting in person so don’t miss any of our interesting workshops and presentations:

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Amped Replay Update 22229: New Timestamp Functions, Annotation Options, and Increased Admin Settings

We never stop here at Amped so here we are again with another software update. This time to the enhanced video player for everyday policing, Amped Replay.

Officers and police staff need to review and perform basic tasks with CCTV, dashcam footage, body-worn video, and footage from cell phones. However, they also need to do this quickly and, most importantly, adhere to forensic guidelines.

This is where Replay comes in. Using the powerful Amped Conversion Engine, allowing the lossless extraction of video from proprietary formats, and then utilizing an easy to use selection of forensic filters and annotation tools, users can expedite their video evidence, knowing that they are being protected with a science-based workflow acceptable within the criminal justice systems.

Let us see what’s new:

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Can AI Be Used for Forensics and Investigations?


I’ve always been quite skeptical about the use of AI for forensics and investigations, as you may have seen in some of my older posts. In recent years most of the advancements in image and video enhancement, analysis, authentication, and tampering detection have been based on AI techniques. I don’t think we can exclude anymore anything which has something to do with AI, but it should be handled with extreme care. In this article, I will explain why in some contexts AI may be acceptable for forensics if used within some tight boundaries and safeguards.

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How Can I Zoom, Blur, or Spotlight a Moving Object in Amped Replay?

Dear friends, welcome back! If you’ve been following the “Amped Replay Tutorials: How do I do this?” series for a while, then you already know the power of Amped Replay’s annotations. There have been step-by-step guides on how you can add shapes, arrows, and text to a video, how you can add an image or logo, how you can redact (blur or pixelate) someone or something, and how you can magnify or spotlight a detail of interest. However, in every post we always dealt with static objects or with still images, promising that another post would have come entirely dedicated to how you can track all annotations so that they follow an object (or an arbitrary path) on the video. Today, we’re keeping the promise!

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Meet us at Digital Experience 2021

We are happy to announce that on October 6 we will attend Digital Experience 2021 in person! This year’s edition will be a hybrid event: live at the Van der Valk Hotel in Utrecht and digital.  In this counter crime, counter fraud and counter cybercrime conference there will be a full and varied program with sessions about various trends, the newest solutions, training, and use cases.

Join David Spreadborough and discover the powerful tools used by law enforcement and security services worldwide. The presentation will also give an update on the new filters and enhancements recently added to our products.

Empowering Experts and Investigators with New Trusted Ways to Enhance, Authenticate and Present Video Evidence
Presenter: Join David Spreadborough
15:00 – 16:00

About the event:
The crime, fraud and cybercrime industry is developing rapidly and changing fast. New products and advanced technology are offered by providers around the world. Ensuring investigators and analysts are educated on the newest must-haves in technology is a significant part of the focus for the annual Digital Experience conference.
There will be 35 sessions and webinars, 30 national and international speakers, and a digital partner page with 25 digital booths. During the event, there will be discussed the following topics: mobile forensics, cloud forensics, video forensics, cyber crime, cyber security, analytics, data analytics, financial economic crime, OSINT, investigations, training and many more!

For more information and to register, click here

We are looking forward to seeing you on October 6 at Digital Experience 2021!

How Can I Magnify or Spotlight a Detail of the Video With Amped Replay?

Dear friends, welcome! It happens quite often that the most important piece of information in a video lays in the details, so it’s not sufficiently visible looking at the footage in its original form. In these cases, being able to magnify the details, or to focus the viewer’s attention on them is extremely important. In this post, we’ll see how easy it is to magnify or spotlight details with Amped Replay. Keep reading!

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What Science Gives Us and What We Give to Science

Amped Software has its roots in academic research, and the first prototype of Amped FIVE actually started with my master’s thesis project in Electronic Engineering. In this article, I want to talk a bit about the relationship between Amped Software and science, the scientific method, and scientific research. As the title suggests, we’ll discuss what science gives to Amped and what Amped is giving back to scientific fields such as multimedia forensics, forensic video analysis, and forensic image and video enhancement. Curious? Keep reading!

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Come and See Us at the Fife ’21 Event

Join us at the Feria de Informática Forense en España (Fife´21) event that will be held on 30 September at the Auditorium El Beatriz in Madrid, Spain.

In this fourth edition of FIFE, attendees can see and learn what are the most innovative products in the digital forensics field, follow numerous presentations and demos and meet with many leading forensic multimedia experts, and professionals of the public and private sector.

In addition to our live demos, don’t miss Amped Software’s presentation in the main auditorium:

Análisis y verificación de video e imagen. Estudio y anotación de pruebas audiovisuales.
Presenter: Abel Baños Peña
12:45 – 13:15 Main Auditorium

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See you there!