Forensic Workflow

Dealing with Deepfakes

“SEEING IS BELIEVING.” Or, rather, that’s what we used to say. Since the beginning of time, seeing a fact or a piece of news depicted

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Getting the Result

As a Certified Forensic Video Analyst, one of the hardest calls is stating that nothing can be done. I cannot recover that face, that logo,

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Working Scientifically?

On Tuesday, May 22, I will be in Providence (RI, USA) at the Annual IACP Technology Conference to present a lecture. The topic, “Proprietary Video Files— The

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What monitor to use?

It’s a common question during training – “What Monitor to use?” One of the many reasons why people start using software like Amped FIVE is

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Learning & Development

I’m at Schiphol again! For those unaware, this is the airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m often here as I use this airport as a

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