23 Reasons to Be Amped Up About 2024!

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Another year has passed, and in the best of our traditions, I am going to recap the major accomplishments for this year, looking forward to the next!
From celebrating our 15th anniversary to expanding our global team, each milestone signifies our commitment to setting the standard for image and video forensics. Join us in recapping a year filled with product improvements, successful events, and achievements aimed at improving our end users’ investigations and sharing and educating the public on the topics of video evidence and multimedia forensics.

23 Accomplishments from 2023

So, without further ado, here are the 23 main accomplishments from 2023!

  1. We celebrated our 15th year since I founded Amped Software, in April 2008
  2. Our global team is now made up of 41 amazing human beings from 9 different countries (no AI team member, yet, that I know of ;), 10 people more than a year ago
  3. To make sure that we don’t have any AI-based team members showing up on calls with a deepfake (joking, but not so much), we organized our 2nd Amped Global Meeting in Trieste, at the end of August 2023, where the entire team met in person to spend a fantastic week working and hanging out together
  4. We now have around 6000 licenses and seats of our products on the market, and more than 1500 end-user organizations in public safety, national security, and forensics
  5. Until today we trained 4000 users on our products. We are always impressed by the students’ increased ability to solve realistic exercises after training, so kudos to them and our trainers 😉
  6. This year we worked on more than 1700 technical support cases, one of the most important and appreciated sides of our company
  7. We completely revamped our website, blog, and product brochure: kudos to our awesome marketing team!
  8. We published more than 60 blog posts in 2023: now the Amped blog has more than 700 articles, making it probably one of the richest resources for information about forensic video analysis on the web
  9. We launched highly successful blog and video series: the “Amped Gym”, the “CCTV Acquisition Series”, and “Learn and solve it with Amped FIVE
  10. We published 18 videos on our YouTube channel, including the recordings of our very successful webinars on Macroblock Analysis, Deepfake Detection, and Video Evidence Trends
  11. We published the Video Evidence Principles and presented them to policymakers in different countries at an institutional level, including the European Parliament
  12. We attended or organized more than 60 events between trade shows, partner events, scientific conferences, and webinars
  13. Our Discord channel keeps growing, with almost 600 members, making it one of the biggest global communities for image and video forensics experts
  14. We launched the AFCE certification, to support users and labs who need to prove their proficiency with Amped FIVE and forensic video analysis in general
  15. We added audio redaction, undo/redo, and subtitles support to Amped Replay
  16. We released the new Video Mode in Amped Authenticate, fully dedicated to video authentication, and modernized the entire GUI
  17. We released several major new features in Amped FIVE, including the Validation Tool, the Smart Adjust, a completely revamped GUI, a new Macroblocks filter, and Frame Hash
  18. We launched Amped Engine, a new product that allows the integration of proprietary CCTV/DVR video support in third-party systems, and it’s already a big success, finding its way into DEMS and analysis systems
  19. We kept doing cutting-edge scientific research, attending conferences, cooperating with universities, and financing a PhD. We also released an article on how to reveal AI-generated images by checking shadows and reflections in Amped Authenticate
  20. We released the floating licenses for all our products, to allow efficient license sharing inside an organization
  21. Amped FIVE, among many other cases, helped to solve a murder investigation in Nottinghamshire
  22. Amped Replay helped Avon and Somerset Police improve the compliance and productivity of police officers working on video evidence, saving on average 2 to 4 weeks per case!
  23. Even this year no one managed to acquire Amped Software, resisting a trend that makes us one of the few independent companies left fully dedicated to image and video forensics 💪

Happy Holidays from Amped Software

While you write your letters to Santa, asking for many new features to be coded by the Amped elves in 2024, I want to wish you on behalf of the entire Amped team, Happy Holidays to you all, your families and colleagues.


PS: I admit, I generated this pic with Midjourney. I was thinking of launching a new website called but didn’t have time. 😜

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