Introducing the Amped Gym Challenges 

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We are excited to announce that we will be running a limited video series of Amped Gym challenges starting on February 2 dedicated to all the Amped users with an active SMS plan (Software Maintenance and Support).

The challenges are going to be a way to test your analytical and enhancements skills with Amped FIVE and discover new possibilities in how to improve your workflow during investigations.

We will start with 4 challenges, launched onto our Discord channel every two weeks. Each challenge will include a summary brief of what a video analyst is expected to do and resources to complete the task. It is up to you solving the case!

From the date of posting you will have a week to complete the challenge.

After this week we will post a video on YouTube in which as a forensic analyst, I will tackle the task as well as talking about common learning points, and providing you a step-by-step guide into achieving the best results.

The video is based on your feedback, so don’t forget to send us your results on Discord. Here’s a quick recap on the workflow of this series:

amped gym workflow

To access the Amped Discord channel you need to log in to the Amped Support Portal. If you are eligible to join the community at this moment, you will see the link “Request Access to the Amped User Community” in your account. For more information read here or contact us.

Are you ready to be challenged? We look forward to seeing your results!

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