Announcing the Amped User Community on Discord


Today we are not announcing a great software update, a webinar, or an event, as usual, but something quite new for us. We are very excited to share the launch of a new online community dedicated to our users on Discord!

It took a while, to be honest. Our users have been asking for quite some time for a place where they could exchange ideas, suggestions, help each other and interact with other experts and the Amped team.

We’ve been pondering for way too long about what to do. Should we use an old-school mailing list, a forum, or something else? As chat systems evolved, Discord started to become a popular platform for communities. Each solution has pros, cons, and tradeoffs. Moderating a community was something a bit new for us, so we were wondering how it would go.

We started, as usual, step by step, testing an alpha version of the community for a few months. In the beginning, it was just an internal chat. Then we started expanding it to a few users and creating several channels for different topics and purposes. So far we managed to keep the tone professional, but casual at the same time, and there have been many interesting discussions.

What we are announcing today is a beta phase. We are ready to accept more users. But we need to be sure to be able to follow and moderate the discussion in an appropriate manner. 

For this reason, we are gradually opening the eligibility to various countries and a limited number of users. 

In order to request access to the community, you need to log in to the Amped Support Portal. If you are eligible to join the community at this moment, you will see the link “Request Access to the Amped User Community” in your account.

amped community on discord

Please note that the community is reserved for end-users who have at least a valid license with an active support plan and are registered on the Amped Support Portal.

What are you waiting for? See you on Discord!

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