Introducing the Amped FIVE Certification Program

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amped five certification program

Dear colleagues, we are very thrilled to announce that we have just released our new official Amped FIVE certification program. After a long period of development and trials, we can now formally reveal that the program is open to all eligible Amped FIVE users. Find out how to become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner (AFCE) below.

Become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner

As you may know, our training program is almost as old as our very first product, Amped FIVE, when it launched all the way back in 2008. As a global company providing software solutions for forensic video analysis and enhancement, we always felt we had a responsibility to teach our users how to use them effectively.

The industry is now introducing more formal requirements to perform our work diligently and safely. Therefore, we have decided that the time is right to give our users the ability to become Amped FIVE Certified by virtue of a formal examination. This title will enrich your CV and will also offer you the ability to demonstrate your competence in the theoretical and practical elements of our Amped FIVE training program. It will also showcase your proficiency in using the software.

As laboratory and professional requirements continue to develop in our industry, this may become important in the future for you to have.

It is important to understand, however, that Amped FIVE Certification does not equate to tangible expertise in forensic video processing and analysis nor does it mean that you are less likely to be scrutinized if your work does not meet the required standards and ethics. It will, however, serve to demonstrate that you have passed an examination designed to test your ability to use the software, both from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the certification program you will need to meet the following entry requirements:

  1. Have an active Amped FIVE license: this means either an active (non-expired) Amped FIVE subscription license OR a perpetual license with an active (non-expired) Software Maintenance and Support (SMS).
  2. Be registered to the Support Portal with your current institutional email address.
  3. Have attended an official Amped FIVE training course or any additional Modules and Additions courses in the last three years. Amped Authenticate or Investigating Video Evidence courses are not valid prerequisites for this exam.
  4. Have at least 3 months of working experience with Amped FIVE.

In addition to the above, there is also an examination fee to be paid in order to cover our administrative expenses.

When you purchase a certification seat, you will have six months to take the exam. If you pass, you are immediately awarded the Amped FIVE Certified Examiner certificate. If you fail, you are eligible for another attempt. Should you fail the second attempt, you will have to wait an additional three months to apply for certification again.

As well as having attended the training, you will also need to have gained relevant working experience with the software before taking the exam. The practical element is of primary importance to pass the exam.

The Online Examination

Once you have been formally accepted into the certification program, you will be emailed a unique and personal link to your online exam, to be completed within a set period of time, from a Windows-compatible computer equipped with internet access.

You will also need a licensed copy of Amped FIVE during the exam, either installed on the same computer or running from a second computer. The second computer does not require internet access. However, you will need to ensure you can download and transfer samples between one computer and the other during the exam.

The exam is made of two main sections:

  1. A number of multiple-choice questions based on the theoretical content covered during our Amped FIVE training course. These questions will also look to assess your familiarity with the Amped FIVE interface and how the various program tools interact with each other.
  2. A number of practical exercises, to be completed using Amped FIVE, where you will need to solve common challenges such as enhancing a license plate, revealing a billboard sign or answering specific questions from a video.

Once you have completed the online exam, you will be notified of your results and if you have passed or failed.

If you pass your exam, you will be issued your certificate of completion immediately. This will be valid for a period of two years from the date of completion, after which point you will need to retake the exam if you wish to keep your certification active for an additional two years period.

If you fail your first exam attempt, you will receive an email from us with useful information on how to find content and resources that will help you pass your next attempt, which has to be taken no later than 6 months after the first attempt. If you fail the second attempt, you will have to purchase a new seat and wait three additional months before being eligible to retake the exam.

How to Prepare for the Exam

We strongly recommend that you attend the Amped FIVE Training again if you haven’t done so recently. This will ensure you have fresh and relevant information in preparation for your exam.

Consider also attending one of the Amped FIVE Training Modules, which include a brief recap of the software’s main features and bespoke content such as DVR Conversion/File Analysis or Measurements/Speed Estimation. You can find the list of upcoming classes at this link:

Valuable resources are available for free on our blog and YouTube channel. For example, the Video Evidence Pitfalls series focuses on the challenges and dangers you may encounter when dealing with images and videos during investigations. In the How to Amped FIVE and Learn and solve it with Amped FIVE articles, you’ll find valuable information on how to use the software effectively.

Similarly, all our instructional videos can be found on the Amped Software YouTube channel. For example, the Filter Friday video series visually demonstrates how to use the most common filters found in Amped FIVE.

Don’t forget that when you install Amped FIVE on your computer, a sample folder is automatically created in your Documents/Amped FIVE/samples folder. This folder contains many exercises you can practice with and can be accessed while Amped FIVE is running by clicking “Help -> Open samples folder”. Each sample comes with a project file to show you the recommended enhancement workflow.

How to Apply

If you meet the entry requirements outlined above and wish to apply to the Amped FIVE certification program, please contact us and you will be emailed instructions on how to proceed. 

You can also contact us if you have any queries on the certification process or the examination.

We hope you will enter our certification program and we wish you all the best of luck with your exam!

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