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Hey everyone! This summer has been an exciting time for us at Amped Software. A little over a month after releasing Amped Engine, a new product to help companies and agencies deploy our conversion engine on a wide scale, we are back with some big news. Starting today, every one of our products will be available to your agency as a floating license. You might be wondering, “Why is this such big news?”. Let’s dive right into it.

When we launched subscription licenses in 2021, many people adopted this digital option over the traditional perpetual licenses. Agencies and users loved accessing tools such as Amped Replay for their detectives and Amped FIVE for their video examiners at a lower, consistent, cost. These subscriptions work for everyone who logs into a station. This aids everyone to quickly convert, review, annotate, and redact video. But sometimes, agencies want to share their love of Amped Software beyond the single station. And that is where the floating license helps.

Floating Licenses

Starting today, when you start or renew your subscription, you will have the option to have a license that others can use throughout your organization. By ordering floating licenses, everyone in a unit can have access to all the capabilities Amped Software has to offer on their workstation, and if the floating license has – say – 5 seats, up to 5 users can run the software at the same time. For example, one Amped Replay license can let an entire detective unit review and send out actionable information, helping identify suspects quickly and efficiently. A digital media unit can access clarification or authentication tools either in the lab, at the scene, or anywhere they need by having floating licenses of Amped FIVE and Amped Authenticate.

How It Works

Here’s a bit about how it works. When you order floating licenses, you can install the software onto multiple computers and link it to the license. When there is video evidence to process, a user can open the software program. It will then check whether at least one license seat is available before launching the software. If that’s not the case, the user is given a message that all agency seats are currently in use. Once a seat is freed, they get right to work, taking a bite out of crime.


We are really excited for this news to get out into the wild. We at Amped believe this will help smaller agencies more easily convert and examine videos while being scalable as more video evidence is submitted. This will also enable agencies to share resources across units or even locations.

If you are interested in learning more or trying it for yourself, contact us at We think this will be a significant step forward for you and your agency. By sharing the workload and the license, this will help reduce your backlog of video evidence.

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