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Amped’s New Deepfake Detection Algorithm Published in Journal of Imaging

Dear Amped friends, we are glad to share some good news with you all. After months of complex research and testing work, we developed an effective deepfake detection algorithm. The technique can detect GAN-generated images, that are, synthesized faces “invented” from scratch by a suitably trained neural network (check this article for an introduction to deepfakes: Dealing with Deepfakes). Currently, it has been tested on images only.

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A Survey on the Industry Trends

The world seems to rapidly change these days, and so we thought to launch a new survey to understand where our industry is and where it is going. We called it “The State of Video Forensics 2022”.

Last year we did a quite long and technical survey dedicated to our users (you can read here some of the most interesting insights); this time we wanted to widen our audience and make it open to everybody who works on image and video evidence, even the few unlucky ones who are not (yet? 😉) using our software. It’s also much faster to fill, as it should require just 5-10 minutes of your time.

The survey will be open until September 13th, 2022, we’ll then summarize the key findings and present the results at the Amped User Days and in a future post on this blog. All data will be shown anonymously. 

It’s quick and easy, and the results could be useful for you as well. Thanks for your cooperation!

Does Deep Learning-Based Super-Resolution Help Humans With Face Recognition?

Dear Amped friends, we’re glad to announce that our research team, in collaboration with prof. Sergio Carrato (University of Trieste), authored a new scientific article! The title is the same as this post’s: “Does Deep Learning-Based Super-Resolution Help Humans With Face Recognition?”.

There is little doubt that AI-based super-resolution images (bottom left) are visually more appealing than bicubic-interpolated images (bottom right). But does that lead to improved recognition accuracy?
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Our Top 21 in 2021

Here we are again, another busy year is quickly coming to an end and we are very excited to share some of the best achievements we’ve reached together in 2021. Many things have happened in the last 12 months, from software updates to new licensing options and the launch of new blog post series. Check out this year’s top 21 news:

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More Real Than Real: a Chat About Deepfakes with Dr. Cecilia Pasquini (University of Trento)

Deepfakes and computer-generated images have been around for a few years now, and they’ve become quite popular. We’ve recently authored an article in the Evidence Technology Magazine about the challenging task of Dealing with deepfakes. Much like it happens for cryptography-vs-cryptanalysis, a fight is going on here between those developing advanced neural networks, capable of creating more and more realistic fakes, and those aiming at detecting them. This fight is mostly guided by researchers, but video forensic analysts and everyone dealing with forensic image analysis are necessarily involved, since they may soon have to face deepfakes in their investigations!

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Three Reasons Why You Should Keep Your SMS Plan Up to Date

Dear Amped friends, today we are speaking about our Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) plan. As with any software you may use in the course of your work and in everyday life, there are several benefits that an active support plan can bring to you, like being able to count on support professionals when things go wrong, as they almost always will.

So, what are the most important parts of Amped Software support plan? Keep reading to find out!

1) Access to Software Updates

First and most importantly, customers with an active support plan have immediate access to software updates for each of the Amped Software products.  Most of these updates will include new filters or features to the Amped product line that go far beyond routine bug fixes. In the past year, we released at least four updates to each of the Amped Software tools which contain many new filters and features not available in previous versions:

The Amped team works tirelessly to deliver the best experience possible to the user. A great deal of development and testing goes into each new filter or feature to keep the user productive and efficient in their daily work. Additionally, we’ve got some amazing filters and features planned for all Amped products in the second half of 2021 and later!

You can stay updated on the latest release by subscribing to our blog and newsletter. Check out also our YouTube channel to see the new features in action.

Having an active SMS assures users with the best Amped Software tools available at their disposal. 

2) Access to Support

Another benefit that comes along with an active SMS plan is having access to the Amped Software support team. While Amped Software tools can play or convert the vast majority of the proprietary video formats in use, there is always the random new format or codec that hasn’t yet been addressed. Users in support can upload their unplayable file into the Amped Support Portal and the team will get to work decoding the video file to be able to convert it to a playable format. When the conversion is successful, the newly decoded and supported format is added to the Amped library and that once “unplayable” file format is added to all Amped software tools in a future update. A beta version of the software may also be provided to the user who originally sent the file so it is possible to resume processing of the evidence with minimal interruption. The Amped support team is also available to consult with users regarding evidence or forensic processes and is eager to take user feedback on how to further improve all Amped Software tools. 

3) Quick & Easy Renewal

The third benefit allows the software to continue to run in certain licensing instances. New for 2021 is the implementation of subscription-based licensing and license bundle options for all Amped Software products.

The subscription licenses and bundles have become a very popular option for agencies and forensic professionals new to Amped Software because of the savings they provide over perpetual licenses. However, the subscription license must have an active plan for the software to keep working. Regardless of what type of license you have, we’ve streamlined the renewal process, making it very easy and efficient: renewal can often be done quickly and without interruption to your service.

Whether it’s to save time resolving issues with troublesome video or media formats, staying up to date with the latest Amped filters and features, or having access to the experts who can provide tailor-made support, there are many great reasons to maintaining an active SMS plan.  Doing so will result in less downtime, improved performance, and leaves you with the confidence there is no challenge you can’t tackle head-on.  Who doesn’t want that!

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So Don’t Delay – Update Today!

If you need to renew your SMS plan, please contact Amped Software or an authorized distributor.

Users can also always access the Amped User Support Portal to install and update to the latest version, manage licenses and requests, and download training certificates.

Log into the Amped User Support Portal now.