Chiara and David at Forensics Europe Expo 2023: Latest News from Amped Software

chiara and david standing at the booth at forensics europe expo 2023

Amped Software, a leading player in the realm of image and video forensics, made a significant impact at the esteemed Forensics Europe Expo 2023 in London. It took place on the 17th and 18th of May at ExCeL London.
This highly regarded event brought together forensic science professionals from across the globe to exchange knowledge and explore new advancements within their field.


Representing Amped were Chiara Zaupa and David Spreadborough. Chiara is Amped’s accomplished Sales Manager. The Amped sales department has been pivotal in extending Amped’s global footprint while maintaining strong client relationships. On the other hand, David is a remarkably experienced forensic video analyst. David has provided a key role in the development of Amped Software’s technical training, as well as spreading his passion for the latest technological innovations within video forensics.

Chiara and David demonstrated Amped’s unwavering commitment to promoting justice through science. At Forensics Europe Expo 2023 they shared all the latest exciting news on Amped’s solutions. These are designed for the analysis and enhancement of images and videos for forensic, security, and investigative applications. David delivered two insightful presentations as part of their contributions to the expo program. On day one he presented “CCTV Investigation and Forensic Video Analysis – Safeguarding Cases and protecting staff with Science“. The lecture shed light on how scientific methodologies can be employed effectively in CCTV investigations. While on day two, he discussed “Video and Image Integrity and Authenticity – A short guide to the key principles of Forensic Image & Video Analysis”. He gave attendees an invaluable overview of core concepts vital for ensuring authenticity when working with video evidence.

Amped Software’s Commitment to Justice Through Science

Since 2008, Amped has been providing reliable tools for law enforcement agencies, forensic labs and security companies worldwide. The company focuses on justice through science. Hence, it strives to create innovative solutions that improve the daily work of investigators, police officers, video analysts, forensic lab experts, security personnel and CCTV operators. 

Amped’s commitment is evident in a relentless pursuit of research and development aimed at staying ahead of emerging trends in technology. Also, it addresses the ever-evolving challenges faced by professionals working with video evidence. Amped understands that advancements in digital imaging technologies can be both an advantage and a challenge for investigators. Amped continually innovates its product offerings to ensure users have access to state-of-the-art tools capable of handling complex tasks with ease.

In addition, Amped Software actively engages with industry peers through conferences such as Forensics Europe Expo 2023. Amped loves to share their knowledge about best practices while learning from others’ experiences.

David’s Presentations at Forensics Europe Expo 2023

david delivering the presentation on day 1 of forensics europe expo 2023

David delivered two insightful presentations during the expo. As part of Amped Software’s commitment to sharing knowledge with industry peers and fostering a collaborative environment.

CCTV Investigation and Forensic Video Analysis – Safeguarding and Protecting Staff with Science

His first presentation on day 1, delved into the critical role that scientific methodologies play in CCTV investigations. 

As the world evolves, so does the need for increased forensic oversight. In order to protect both cases and staff, CCTV and image applications have become paramount. Amped FIVE has been leading the way in the forensic image and video analysis and enhancement with its scientific structure designed specifically for forensic use. Now, this protection has been incorporated into Amped Replay. It is considered to be the most powerful CCTV player available for police officers and detectives alike.

Video and Image Integrity and Authenticity – A Short Guide to the Key Principles of Forensic Image & Video Analysis

This captivating talk, on day 2, gave attendees an invaluable overview of core concepts vital for ensuring trust when working with video evidence. 

In today’s digital age, the reliability of digital evidence has come under intense scrutiny. With media reports highlighting manipulated imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) processing, it is crucial that Digital Multimedia Evidence be handled with care throughout an investigation’s acquisition, storage, processing and presentation stages. Forensic analysts worldwide are identifying various challenges in this regard. This short guide offered solutions based on integrity and authenticity rather than conflicting standards or outdated guidance. The guide emphasized the importance of handling digital evidence carefully to ensure its admissibility in court proceedings. It also provided some practical tips for forensic analysts to help them overcome these challenges effectively.

David touched upon various aspects such as verifying image authenticity, detecting tampering attempts, understanding compression artifacts, and utilizing advanced tools for accurate analysis.

To Sum Up

Through both presentations, David emphasized Amped Software’s dedication to staying ahead of emerging trends. At the same time, he addressed challenges faced by professionals in forensic investigations involving video evidence. Attendees gained valuable insights into best practice. They also learned about cutting-edge techniques that can significantly improve their workflow within this rapidly evolving field.

Latest News from Amped Software

Upcoming Free Webinar

  • Free Webinar – Deepfake Detection and Authenticity Analysis in Amped Authenticate: hosted by Amped’s Forensic Director Marco Fontani. It will show how Amped Authenticate can assist you with every step of the image and video authentication process. You will learn how you can check the coherence of metadata and space/time information within an image, deeply inspect its file structure and content, understand whether the image has been uploaded to Facebook or other social media platforms, identify manipulated or cloned regions, detect deepfakes and trace the image back to the specific camera that captured it. You will also discover tools to automate the analysis and identify the most suspicious images in a folder. 

CCTV Acquisition Blog Series

Latest Product Updates

  • Amped Replay update 28733 with improved annotations, support for subtitles and more: This latest update brings enhanced annotation capabilities to the popular Amped Replay software, allowing users to add crucial context to video evidence. Additionally, it introduces subtitle support which can significantly improve communication during case presentations.
  • Amped DVRConv update 28472 with generating hash codes and setting the default video player: The recent update for Amped DVRConv enhances functionality by enabling users to generate hash codes as well as set a default video player – ensuring smoother workflows when dealing with multiple file formats.
  • Amped FIVE update 28265 with the new Validation Tool, convert DVR options, subtitle auto-loading, and much more: The latest version of Amped FIVE comes packed with numerous improvements such as a robust Validation Tool designed for verifying results accurately; advanced conversion options catering specifically to DVR formats; automatic subtitle loading; along with several other features aimed at streamlining forensic analysis processes.

Amped 15th Anniversary

  • Amped 15th anniversary: Amped Software celebrates its milestone 15th anniversary. It continues its unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in image and video forensics that cater to the evolving needs of professionals worldwide.

These exciting developments demonstrate how far Amped Software has come. Amped’s ongoing dedication is to staying at the forefront of technological advancements within image and video forensics.


The Forensics Europe Expo 2023 proved to be a resounding success. The event offered an engaging platform for professionals from diverse backgrounds to share their insights, experiences and knowledge of the latest advancements in forensic science. Chiara and David’s presence at the event showcased Amped Software’s firm commitment to promoting justice through science. The event also offered attendees valuable perspectives on the future of image and video forensics.

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