Amped Replay Update 28733: Improved Annotations, Support for Subtitles and much more!

amped replay update 28733

Welcome to another exciting Amped Replay update! Amped Replay is the enhanced video player for the modern investigator. It is designed to give immediate playback access to a variety of proprietary video formats in order to correct, enhance, annotate and redact the evidence in a safe and efficient forensic environment.

With this update, we bring you a number of intuitive improvements on how you annotate the evidence, as well as improved support for timestamp and subtitle streams.

Let’s go straight to a quick preview of what we have on offer for you with this update.

Drag and Drop of Textual Data in Amped Replay

In Amped Replay it has always been possible to create textual annotations containing dynamic data (such as timestamp or frame count, for example) and add it to your video. However, you can now drag and drop this information from the display indicators below the video to convert them into a dynamic textual annotation. Simply navigate to the Annotate tab and drag/drop the data directly into your chosen area of the video.

drag and drop of texts in amped replay

An annotation will be automatically created with the selected file information. The text macros currently supported in Amped Replay are:

  • File name
  • Timestamp
  • Subtitle
  • Frame Number
  • Elapsed Time

Improved Magnify Tool

In an effort to improve our existing annotation tools, we have added a few exciting features to the Magnify Tool. It is now possible to adjust the brightness and contrast inside the magnified region. And, because you might want to brighten or darken a specific region of the image, but not necessarily enlarge it, there is now also an option to retain a Zoom factor of 1.0.

adjust the brightness and contrast inside the magnified region

Improved Loading of Timestamps and Subtitles

Timestamps contained in proprietary formats can come in many different flavors. They can be embedded in the frame headers, they can be floating in the file container or they can even be separate files altogether.

Furthermore, some formats may have timestamp information presented as a subtitle stream, either in the file container or as a separate file. With this update, we add support for more types of timestamps, which Amped Replay will extract for you automatically. If a subtitle is detected, this will also be extracted and displayed in the GUI. Just as you would now do with timestamps, you can then easily add it into the video as a textual annotation.

add a subtitle into the video as textual annotation

Improved Canvas Extension

You may be aware that, when moving an annotation outside the original image area, you can extend the image canvas. We have now added the ability to retain the dotted alignment lines for the original image size when extending the canvas. We have also added the option to auto-pad the canvas. This will ensure there is a gap between the tail edge of the annotation and the end of the canvas.

improved canvas extension in amped replay

Snap Annotations to most commonly used Rotation Angles

To ease the drawing of arrows and other annotation objects, we have now added the ability to snap them to most commonly used rotation angles. This will ensure the objects are perfectly vertical, horizontal or at discrete angles, such as 30 or 45 degrees.

Annotations will snap automatically to angles when you rotate them, provided that the snapping feature is activated in the Annotate panel options. When drawing a new arrow, simply hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard. Drag as required to snap it to one of the angles.

a man holding a gun approaches a car

Improved Export Project Feature

When using the Export Project feature, you will now be prompted to export only the “.arp” project file or also the associated media files, including converted videos, timestamps, etc. 

export project feature

This is very useful when sending a project and any associated media to a colleague remotely. Simply export the project file and the associated media to one folder, archive using WinZip or similar and send as required. The project will load fully in your colleague’s computer, either in Amped Replay or in Amped FIVE (when using the Import Replay Project functionality).

folder on a computer

Other Improvements in the New Amped Replay Update

  • The user manual has been updated.
  • The subtitle/timestamp display indicator is now wider to ensure all its contents are fully visible.
  • Annotate: added the ability to paste or drag and drop an image path into the panel text box.
  • Annotate: improved drag-to-move interaction with objects.
  • Program Options: changed the order in which languages are displayed in the Language settings.

Formats in the New Amped Replay Update

In this update we have added support for:

  • 3 new variations of already-supported formats (264, exe, psf)
  • 3 new variations of already-supported timestamp formats (264, exe, umv)
  • 1 new variation of already-supported audio formats (exe)

Remember: if you find a video file that we don’t fully support, then there is a good chance we have never seen it before! Hop over to the Amped Support Portal, upload it, and we will get straight on it. This not only helps you out but the entire Amped community.
The best part? This is all included in an active Software and Maintenance Support plan. Learn here why it is important to keep your SMS up to date.

The Final Word

Replay overcomes the challenges of a limited toolset often encountered by police officers and detectives throughout the world. It protects them with the forensic rigor required in today’s legal environment and speeds up investigations. Forensic video analysts and technicians have benefited from Amped FIVE for many years. The common toolset is now available for everyone within Amped Replay. If you are lucky enough to have Replay on your desktop, then update today or send us an email at

Don’t Delay – Update Today

If you have an active support plan you can update straight away by going into the menu About > Check for Updates within Amped Replay. If you need to renew your SMS plan, please contact us or one of our authorized distributors. And remember that you can always manage your license and requests from the Amped Support Portal.

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