2022 at a Glance: What Happened This Year?

2022 at a glance

It has been a very busy and successful year, bringing you the most complete solutions for the analysis and enhancement of images and videos for forensic, security, and investigative applications. We are today trusted in over 100 countries worldwide to provide scientifically validated tools admissible in court, to reach one of our primary goals: justice through science.

While we are very well known in the forensic community, this year we worked a lot also on getting more attention about the work we do and its importance for the security of our communities at a public level. In this video, you can learn more about Amped and what’s our vision.

In 2022, we have kept our promises and worked hard to meet users’ requests and make your daily work easier than ever.

We know your time is valuable so we have put together a list containing some of the most important news from this year. Check them out!

What Happened in 2022?

We know that our products are powerful, and with power comes responsibility. That’s why we recommend taking our training courses to improve your knowledge and skills. And we’re proud to say, we trained over 2400 people worldwide so far. This year we’ve launched the Amped FIVE training modules to help expand users’ knowledge in specific technical areas of video forensics.

With time we realized that our users are often very competent and aware of the importance of correctly handling video evidence; however, such awareness is often lacking in the decision-makers and in many actors of the juridical system. To tackle this challenge, we focused on awareness initiatives and organized an institutional meeting at the European Parliament, we discussed important aspects relating to the image generation model, and we organized 11 free webinars covering a wide range of topics in digital forensics.

To keep up to date with a fast-evolving environment, we launched a survey on the state of video forensics, collecting valuable insights into the emerging industry trends; we also hosted the Amped User Days 2022, exchanged ideas, and met hundreds of users worldwide. Furthermore, we participated in various interviews to discuss key challenges and opportunities for video evidence with Forensic Focus, the IEEE Signal Processing Society, and Eugene Liscio from Forensics Talks.

Since its very beginnings, Amped has been investing in research. This year we collaborated in tutoring three Master thesis students from various universities, sponsored one Ph.D. student, and hosted four curricular interns. Our research team published two scientific articles in prestigious journals: one about the use of deep learning for face superresolution and one where we propose a new deepfake detection algorithm.

Needless to say, for any software company the main effort goes into delivering excellent software! 2022 brought lots of improvements and new exciting features:

  1. We released the Speed Estimation 2d filter in Amped FIVE to estimate and calculate the speed of vehicles from videos.
  2. We released the ability to import Replay projects in Amped FIVE along with other important features such as Subtitle Loader, Save & Load Convert DVR Settings, Page Number Macro, faster video decoding, new import options, Adjust Timestamps and timestamp-based playback, and Undo/Redo.
  3. We introduced Unload Timestamps, Audio Playback, improved Crop and Resize, Annotation Locking and Grouping, Color Matching Eyedropper Tool, Simplified Enhancement View, improved decoding performance, Resize with custom interpolation method, Aligning Annotations Snapping, and more within Amped Replay.
  4. We released improved variation of prediction footprint analysis, Bookmark annotations, improved reporting, a new Face GAN Deepfake Detection filter, updated our social media identification database, and more within Amped Authenticate.
  5. We added more decoded formats, new frame rate adjustment options, and codec variations within Amped DVRConv.

Last but not least, after the pandemic, we returned to in-person events: meeting users face-to-face is something invaluable, and we’re planning lots of travels for 2023: hopefully we’ll meet, somewhere around the world!

Growing as a Team

amped team

Our team now counts more than 30 people from 10 different countries, and we’re still expanding! We are a fun, creative, and very dedicated team, where we all come together to share our skills, experiences, and ideas, to build products that contribute to keeping our communities safe. We are very passionate about what we do, and trust is the foundation of the relationship between ourselves and our users.

This year we also organized our first Amped Global Meeting and spent a week at our headquarters in Trieste, Italy, with all our team members from around the world enjoying work and hanging out together. This is a picture outside of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste.

amped team at miramare castle

Expanding our Community on Discord

We are also expanding the online community dedicated to our users on Discord! This is a place where you can exchange ideas, and suggestions, help each other and interact with other experts and the Amped team.

In order to request access to the community, you need to log in to the Amped Support Portal. If you are eligible to join the community at this moment, you will see the link “Request Access to the Amped User Community” in your account. For more information, visit this link.

The Amped Team wishes Happy Holidays to you and your families.

Keep safe and see you in 2023!

happy holidays

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