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Amped FIVE Update 9010 Part 1: Resize 1:1, Perspective Aligner, Block Difference, Frame Analysis

Many months of filter development and product expansion have resulted in a very big update to Amped FIVE!

As a result, we created two blog posts on this update. This is the first post. The second will come soon…

I have said it before, and I’ll say it to you again now… most of these development ideas have come from you, the user. If you suggest an idea, it goes onto the list. That list drives the updates. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced software for all of your needs in image and video forensics.

New Filters

Resize 1:1

Calibrating an object to a known scale is important in fingerprint, footwear mark and other analysis and comparison tasks. “Resize 1:1”, located under the “Edit” category, now enables you to use the scale shown in the image to present the image at the actual size.

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Amped FIVE Update 8678: Faster Redaction and Automatic Pattern Removal

Well, here we are again, with another exciting update to Amped FIVE.

Before we dive in and take a closer look at all the developments, I want to say a quick thank-you to the users of Amped FIVE who have suggested refinements and requested new functionality to help them and others in their Forensic Image and Video work. We develop this software for you. If you need it, we will deliver it!

OK, let’s get to it!

Dynamic Tracking

It is one of those tasks that, in small amounts, can be quite enjoyable. However, when you are constantly spotlighting or hiding people, it quickly becomes tiring. That’s when mistakes are made, and it’s easy to miss something that could be detrimental in an investigation. Dynamic Tracking has been in the Selection box for some time but it has received a very powerful ‘upgrade’.


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Amped FIVE Update 8222 – Adjustment Filters, Program Options and Much, Much More!

It’s Amped FIVE update time again!

With so much to get through, let’s start with some new and exciting filters. Not one, not two….. but six new filters in the Adjust Category. Yes – Six new filters designed specifically to restore color or illumination to an image, and improving those taken with High Dynamic Range.

Parametric Curves

This filter gives you very precise control over the four portions of the luminance range. As you adjust the sliders, the curve will move accordingly, and a shaded area will appear in the Curve graphic. This will show you the maximum or minimum adjustment available.

Image 010

Image 009

Before – After

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Amped FIVE Update: more than 100 filters!

… well, 103 to be precise.


We just released an update for Amped FIVE with many improvements and several new filters. While Spready is going to outline all the new stuff in a separate post, I thought it was worth it to do a short post just to celebrate the milestone.

While having 103 filters in a single, integrated and specialized package is something pretty huge (and this is not counting additional features which are not technically filters, such as the screen capture, the DVR conversion or the report generation), what is more important, in my opinion, is what these filters represent.

In fact, each of these filters represents a specific solution to a specific problem. Some problems are pretty common, and they are solved by pretty basic filters, such us using Contrast Brightness or Histogram Equalization for correcting low contrast images. But others have been created to solve specific issues within our industry and cannot be found in any other software product, such as Perspective Registration, Interleave, Reverse, Turbulence Deblurring or Component Separation. Sure, you are not gonna need them every day as you might need Deinterlace, Motion Deblurring or Frame Averaging… But on the day that you need them, they are there to solve your current troubles.

We might not have reached this important result without you, the users, sending us examples of strange issues, requesting new features and improvements and sharing your needs with us every single day.

Thanks, from me and all the Amped Software team.



Amped FIVE Update 8006 – Filter Search, Case Notes and Much More

We never stand still here at Amped!

The latest update for Amped FIVE (8006) is now available to download.

I keep on saying this, but many of the updates have come directly from user suggestions. We listen to you and then put your suggestions to the test! If all goes well, then your help goes to benefit everyone. Some other points that we take seriously here at Amped are keystrokes, mouse clicks, and mouse movement. If we can find a way to reduce these then we do so… and you will see a few examples in this update.

Interface Improvements

Sometimes, finding that filter can be tricky if you can’t remember what category it’s in. We now have a Quick Search bar within the Filters Window. Start typing the name of the filter and the suggestions will be listed alphabetically.


Case Notes, information, or any text relating to your investigation can now be entered directly into the Notes Interface.


This window can be activated by using the Menu, View > Notes. Continue reading

Amped FIVE Update 7620 – Features, Filters & Fixes

After all the excitement following the recent announcement of the partnership with Taser / Axon, it’s time to show off some of the great new features in Amped FIVE.

I have been looking forward to writing this post since my last visit over to the home of Amped, Trieste in Italy, a few weeks ago.

Whilst there, I saw some of these features in early development, and identified immediately how they are going to help us all. Remember, I am just like you – an analyst who uses Amped FIVE every day to interrogate, interpret and investigate video.

As well as a number of hidden refinements and minor bug fixes, there are some major advances… so, grab a coffee (a big one) and let’s go take a look!

Color Range

When you load an MPEG based video into FIVE, you will now see a new filter setting in the Video Loader Window. Color Range has three options as can be seen below…

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Amped FIVE Update: Lots of new Features and Filters!

OK, there is so much to get into this post that I’m going to skip the usual introduction…. I hope you are sitting comfortably as it’s going to take a few minutes to get through this list. Trust me – you will not be disappointed!

Interface Color Scheme

Monitors are getting bigger, brighter and with more pixels. Working with a bright interface all day can get a bit tiresome. To help you, and your eyes, you are now able to chose a darker color scheme for Amped FIVE

Image 001

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Amped FIVE Update: Experimental Audio Support, Advanced File Information and Much More!

Amped FIVE gets a bunch of new features, following requests from the rapidly increasing user base.

One of the benefits of working within a tight community of analysts and investigators is that new ideas and requests flow into the developers on a daily basis. The more people that require a specific function, the quicker it gets integrated for you, the user.

All of the new functions seen here have come about after being requested by FIVE Users.

FFMS Decoder with Audio

When you first drag a file into FIVE main window, interrogation of the format and codec will take place. The order of decoders is set automatically so if the media can be decoded, then that engine will be chosen. The first one is FFMS.

There is now another Decoder at the top of the list.

Image 002

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Amped FIVE Update: The Video Mixer Filter

A few days ago I presented the new Interleave filter available in the latest version of Amped FIVE. But this time I am going to announce a new whole filter category! I’m pretty excited about it as it opens up a host of new opportunities.

The new category is called LINK, with the first filter introduced being, VIDEO MIXER

The filter help, at the bottom of the Filter list, gives us some clue as to its usage, “Connects and mixes different source filters”.Filter

Before we dive too deep, let’s take a look at its basic functionality.

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Amped FIVE Update: The Interleave Filter

Today we have just released a new version of Amped FIVE.  There are a couple of really cool new filters in this release. The first one I’m going to look at is “Interleave”.

It can be found under the Edit selection of filters and appears before Deinterlace.


The Interleave Filter location: Edit > Interleave

Before we get into interleaving, let’s just refresh our knowledge a little…

An analogue video signal is constructed with horizontal scan lines. For PAL, it has 625 lines. When the camera constructs the picture, it doesn’t start at 1, and then go consecutively down to 625. It creates 1 image with just the odd numbered lines, 1,3,5 and so on and then the next image with the even numbered lines, 2,4,6 etc etc.

Each image of either odd or even lines is referred to as a field, with each field only having half the vertical resolution of the full frame. The video is interlaced.

As each field is taken at a different moment in time, if the camera or object in the frame is moving, the differences in the scan lines can be seen if the image is paused. These jagged edges are often referred to as interlacing artefacts. Continue reading