Amped FIVE Update 9010 Part 2: Filter Updates and Interface Enhancements… too much for one post!

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Amped FIVE Update 9010 continues. This is the second post relating to our very big Amped FIVE update launched a few days ago. In case you missed Part 1, click here.

Filter Updates

Measure 3d

When setting a reference measurement, the most common mistake is to get your line in the wrong direction! This then reverses the measure result.

Under the “Reference” tab, we have made things easy for you.

There is now a tick box to swap point 1 and point 2 (the ends of your reference line), and therefore correct the direction of that line.

Looking at the “Measure” tab.

You now have the ability to add in an error value manually. This is an “Experimental Error” and would be calculated by measuring a known object in a scene, such as a height board.

Also, here you have the “Output Range”. This is your “Output Length” with the error value applied. It will save you from working it out manually!

If Experimental Error has been used it will use the maximum values between the output error and the experimental error.

Histogram View

The visual presentation of the Histogram has been improved within a number of filters, including “Curves”, “Contrast/Brightness”, “Exposure” etc, etc…

A right click option has been added to enable you to view either the input or the output.

There are different right click options under each Histogram, including more viewing methods.

Filter Help

Accessing and reviewing the filter information is always a good thing when applying filters. Each individual filter information is now available in a popup balloon.

Simply click the question mark icon in the “Filter Settings” menu bar. When finished, just click outside of the balloon.

Range Selector

Some ‘under the hood’ tweaks have been made to how projects deal with first and last frames that are not possible. When this occurs, Amped FIVE will set the full frame value to ensure a project can be re-opened without producing an error.

Interface Enhancements

Selector Tool

Holding the SHIFT key whilst creating a region will ensure a square selection.

If the SHIFT key is held whilst dragging the center, the selection will only move horizontally or vertically.

If the SHIFT key is held whilst dragging a corner, it preserves the aspect ratio of the region.

Holding CONTROL moves also the opposite edge or corner symmetrically around the center of the region.

When moving the selection, it will stay inside the image when dragging.

Ruler Tool

Holding SHIFT creates a horizontal or vertical line.

The entire ruler line is now able to be moved, whilst retaining the length set.

Quadrilateral Tool

It’s now possible to move an edge or the entire quadrilateral. (Perspective Registration just got a whole lot quicker!!)

Holding the SHIFT key moves horizontally or vertically.

When moving the selection, it will stay inside the image when dragging.

That’s A LOT of extra functions, using both the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

To help you…..

Some of the tools now have their own Help bubble.

Other Interface Updates

  • Improved performance in the viewer refresh. In the “About” dialog, the “Check for Updates” is disabled if the user’s SMS is expired to avoid installation of newer unsupported versions.
  • Various improvements to filters description and labels.


  • During installation, an alert will appear if the previous version of the program is currently active in order to avoid issues during the installation process.
  • The installer adds the link to the 64 bit version. Important: even on modern systems it is important to use the 32 bit version for codec compatibility.


  • Samples: added samples for the new filters “Resize 1:1”, “Block Difference”, “Image Aligner”.
  • Integration: added support for Griffeye Analyze DI.
  • Translations: updated Spanish and Japanese translations.
  • Licensing: the dongle can now be updated with an off-line registration code.
  • Libraries: update of various third party libs and several minor internal improvements.
  • SMS Expiry is now visible on the “About” dialog.


  • Macroblocks: fixed a bug that sometimes caused output to have a wrong frame count.
  • Report: corrected a bug which was preventing Amped FIVE from generating the PDF version of the report in some situations.

What an update!

The new filters, tools, information and functionality in Amped FIVE will help you get through your analysis and processing quicker, faster and with a higher level of integrity than ever before.

What are you waiting for…..

Don’t Delay – Update Today

If you have an active support plan you can update straight away by going into the menu “Help” > “Check for Updates Online” within Amped FIVE. If you need to renew your SMS plan, please contact us or one of our authorized partners.

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