Amped Funds a 3-Years Research Grant at the University of Florence

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Since Amped lives on technology, it’s evident that research is essential to our company. “Research is important” is too often just a mantra or something companies and institutions like to repeat. But if you genuinely believe in that, the only way to go is to put resources on it! We’re thus thrilled to announce that Amped Software partnered with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Florence (Italy), and funded a 3-years Research Grant! A candidate has been selected. They have already started working under the supervision of professor Alessandro Piva. He’s a world-renowned expert in the field of multimedia forensics.

The research project covers video forgery detection and integrity verification, forensic analysis of videos encoded with state-of-the-art algorithms, and more.

It is a significant commitment. We’re very proud of fostering academic research in times where the sanitary crisis has raised budget concerns virtually everywhere in the world.

Stay tuned; we’re sure exciting results won’t be long in coming! You can also follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook so you’ll be promptly notified of our next achievements!

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