Amped FIVE Additions Course

This week I have been delivering a new and exciting course in The Netherlands. At the request of some of our expert users, we designed a new course that focuses on the latest updates to Amped FIVE

Hosted by our partner, DataExpert, this three-day course has been designed for people who had their original Amped FIVE training over a year ago but want to learn about the new features that were added to the software since then.

Due to our unique and very fast development path, getting a good understanding of the updates, new filters, and increased functionality of the software is vital in today’s fast-paced world.

During the three days, there is also plenty of time within the curriculum to discuss some of the original Amped FIVE training topics at more length and look at current guidelines and practices within Forensic Video.

With practical sessions on topics such as MPEG Macroblock Analysis, Aspect Ratio, Color Range and Image Adjustments, it’s a fun few days.

During this particular class, we also discussed user cases, where Amped FIVE was used to aid in investigations, as well as project management and case presentations.

We believe this new course is very useful and may be of interest to many of our users, so we are thinking of adding it to our regular training program. If you are interested in the Amped FIVE Additions course then contact us for details and availability.


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