Launching the Amped FIVE Training Modules

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amped five training modules

Hello everybody, have you heard the news? Amped Software has recently launched the Amped FIVE Training Modules. But what are these exactly? Read on to find out more!

The Amped FIVE Training Modules

The Amped FIVE Training Modules are training classes designed specifically for end-users to acquire more advanced skills and knowledge within technical areas of video forensics. These modules focus on students’ needs and the evolving requirements of digital forensics. They give students the opportunity to perform tasks with reachable objectives. The module format allows our users to develop their skills at a pace they set and also personalize the areas in which they want to specialize.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain greater expertise in Amped FIVE
  • Learn how to improve the presentation of your evidence ready for court
  • Perform height analysis and speed estimation utilizing photogrammetry and measurement filters
  • Get acquainted with video extraction from CCTV and other video storage systems
  • Dive into the latest product updates within Amped FIVE.

All modules have an approximate duration of 12 hours. These hours can be spanned into 2 full days if the course is In-Person or 3 half days if Live Online.

Available Amped FIVE Training Modules


This is a course designed for people of all skill levels who are called to testify in court or present evidence with a clear and well-established procedure. This module is intended for users who need to use Amped FIVE as a tool to perform annotations, redactions, and presentations in a professional, simple and effective way, maintaining a sound forensic workflow. Students will be able to use the Amped FIVE techniques and filters necessary to perform the best presentation task in the most efficient way. The course will be fully hands-on with practical exercises to present real or simulated cases.


This is an intermediate-to-expert-level course designed for people who need to perform measurement operations, photogrammetry, and speed analysis for collisions investigations. This module is intended for users who are seeking to use the Amped FIVE Measurement (Measure 1D, Measure 2D, and Measure 3D) and Speed Estimation tool, with all the tools, notions, and procedures that are necessary to improve the analysis precision and accuracy. The course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on with practical exercises to solve real or simulated cases using Amped FIVE.


This is an intermediate-level module focused on the tools and techniques required to perform a forensically sound video extraction from CCTV and other video storage systems using Amped FIVE. This course aims to take a deeper look at the video encoding and decoding process. It gives the elements of how a forensic acquisition should be operated.


This is an expert-level course for users previously trained in Amped FIVE and who are seeking to leverage Amped FIVE to improve their investigations. Due to the speed of development at Amped Software, it has been identified that within 12 – 18 months, users may require an update to their training. This is a course that allows users to better understand the newly released filters and functionalities within Amped FIVE to ensure the correct interpretation of data and learn how to use the new tools to their full advantage. The course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on with practical exercises to solve real or simulated cases using Amped FIVE.

Book a seat today or contact Amped Software for more information.

amped five training modules

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