Why Trust Is the Foundation of Everything We Do at Amped Software

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trust in image and video evidence

Images and videos are often the main sources of evidence within an investigation or trial. But how can this evidence be trusted?

In this world where everything can be faked, restoring trust is essential. Video evidence can easily be mishandled, manipulated, and tampered, causing new challenges that investigators and forensic technicians must adapt to. The risk of causing a loss of quality, working on tampered data, and presenting unfair conclusions is high. This is why the integrity of exhibits and the preservation of repeatable and reproducible processes are the backbone of all applications within the Amped Software portfolio. Equally important is having tools that are fit for purpose, and a team behind them that can support users in a transparent and professional way.

Trust at Amped Software is delivered at various levels:

  • The concept of giving back trust to digital images and videos
  • The concept of using software based on scientific processing methods that grants trust in the way the image is processed
  • The concepts of trusting us as a company and as people

This presentation will answer why we believe so strongly in trust and how this single word underpins everything we do with video evidence.

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