Managing Digital Evidence in Courts with Amped DVRConv

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The Joint Technology Committee (COSCA)(NCSC)(NACM) had released version 1 of their document Managing Digital Evidence in Courts.

“Technologies including smartphones and body-worn cameras are capturing an ever- increasing volume of evidence. The exponential increase in the quantity of digital evidence is challenging the court’s ability to receive, evaluate, protect, and present digital evidence. This report identifies potential challenges and recommends steps courts should consider.”

In its recommendations around the conversion of proprietary video file types, it noted the following:

  • Avoid creating arbitrary limitations on acceptable formats for digital evidence.
  • Work with law enforcement, prosecutors, and local labs to consider the tradeoffs
    between converting and not converting digital video evidence.

Interestingly, when the state of Texas (US) was considering a statewide standard for video sharing in its many court districts, Amped Software was the only company to be able to say: “Yes, we’re ready now. We can convert an overwhelming majority of proprietary file types into the proxy file type of your choosing.”

Want a .re4 file converted into a Raw MOV file? Done. Want a .SEC file converted into an MP4 or an AVI file? Done. Our standalone conversion tool is second to none. We’re converting over 80% of proprietary video file types found, with more being added as we encounter them.

Meet Amped DVRConv – our best-kept secret.


Consider this scenario:

You are canvassing a neighborhood after a crime has occurred. You’ve managed to collect evidence from multiple locations. Each location has a different type of DVR, each with its own proprietary file type. You’ve collected the evidence and placed them into unique folders on your removable media drive. Now what?

With Amped DVRConv, it’s not a problem. Simply drag/drop the folders into the interface. Amped DVRConv gets to work right away.

dvrconv 2

Unlike other evidence management solutions, the resulting files aren’t dropped into a big bucket and mixed together. Amped DVRConv keeps the folder organization intact. A true/exact copy of the original is moved off the drive, the proxy file is made, and a report of the process is generated. These files are found in the Output Folder when ready.

dvrconv 3

But what happens in those cases when we haven’t seen the file before and automatic conversion isn’t possible? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Within the interface is the Upload Video button.upload-videoThis connects you to our dedicated upload page. From here you can send us files of up to 2Gb for manual processing. No other company offers such a level of customer service.

For US/Canadian state/local government agencies, this product is being marketed by our partner, Axon, under the brand name Axon Convert. For national, international, and private sector customers, this product is being marketed by us as Amped DVRConv.

For more information or to receive a quote, contact us today.

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