Amped releases ARSE: Become a Forensic Expert With a Single Click!

For a long time, we have been strongly against all the solutions that promised to their prospective customers, to be so simple that they can become experts with a single click.

For a long time, people just expected to know nothing about video forensics, image authentication and so on, and get a better license plate or recognize a person just by loading a software and hitting a button. We and we would say that it wasn’t possible.

For a long time, people expected to have an automated image and video authentication suite which could summarize all the complex technical matters in a single automated “real/fake” output, and we explained to our customers that it wasn’t not possible.

Well, we were wrong. It turns out that if you buy Amped ARSE, our latest and greatest software, you don’t need to have any skill or knowledge. The software will do everything for you, and it will be way better than any real expert. ARSE stands for Automatic Restoration, Synching, and Enhancement.

How does it work? Easy!


Step 1: CCTV capture of a crime.1


Step 2: The quality of the image is low, as usual.2


Step 3: Monkey opens Amped ARSE and clicks the button (who needs experts, or even humans anymore?).3


Step 4: Perfect face to recognize your criminal.4


Step 5: Have a coffee. You will have a lot of free time now. (And give the monkey a banana).AAEAAQAAAAAAAAErAAAAJGJkZDlhNDM2LTBkZTktNGEzYS1hNGU4LWRhZDZjZDVkYWRkNA


As you know, so far our software was designed to run on any PC, but we think that this new breakthrough technology deserves its own hardware. For this reason, we are offering together with ARSE, a 32 core machine with 2 TB of RAM with an incredible price. To emphasize the ease of use, though, we are replacing the standard keyboard with a single button keyboard that does not confuse the user. Of course, it will be difficult to enter complex passwords, but with today’s advancement in computer security, who needs a safe password anyway?


If you are an existing customer you can upgrade to your current version of Amped FIVE or Amped Authenticate to ARSE, otherwise contact us for your brand new license.


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