The Forensic Investigator: Image Conscious – the growing world of digital multimedia evidence

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The Forensic Investigator

In the first edition of the new The Forensic Investigator publication, Amped Software looks at the growing world of digital multimedia evidence and the challenges investigators face in gathering evidence.

EveryThe Forensic Investigator- Image Conscious - December 2014where we go, we see people taking photos or recording videos on their mobile phones. There is an increased use of surveillance cameras by governments, businesses and private house owners. The use of drones and satellite video is expanding. There is also an increase in the number of officers wearing body-worn cameras. Car manufacturers are also participating in this digital multimedia world by installing video cameras in vehicles. The positive effects of this is that there is a high probability that someone caught a crime on camera so investigators have a lot of evidence to work with. The bad thing is that many times that evidence cannot immediately be analyzed and used. Keeping aside the privacy and social issues that evidence coming from these devices may cause, there are often several technical issues that do not permit investigators to use the photo or video evidence immediately.

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