Amped at the Digital Summit International (DSI) in Las vegas

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We are glad to announce our presence at one of the most important events for the digital forensics world. In fact, we are exhibiting and taking part in the educational presentations at DSI on August 13-16 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

We will be demonstrating and showcasing the new 2012 version of our popular Amped Five Professional forensic video enhancement software.  On Tuesday, August 14th, EJ Ord, Amped’s Director of Sales for Military and Law Enforcement will be presenting : “The Five Minute Forensic Video Analysis: Supercharge Your Workflow”

The main reason of the presentation is understanding that time is a very precious commodity. For a busy agency or forensics lab that uses current methods and multiple tools, the new case file seems to grow at an exponentially faster rate than the completed file. In this presentation, we will show some intuitive concepts in workflow to gain performance and dramatically reduce the time necessary to complete most tasks using the technology in Amped Five. In Five, a user can apply filters in any unlimited sequence with the ability to modify any parameter of any operation in any order at any time to both images and videos. The results can be seen immediately and documenting the steps, settings, and scientific methodology is automatically done.

Most examples shown are projects that can be completed in five minutes or less in Five.  The point of the speedy workflow is case throughput and superior triage capabilities for busy agencies.  If an analyst using Five can determine whether a project can generate a result in the smallest amount of time, the working time can be invested productively on “good” evidence rather than wasted on “bad” that does not have useful data.  With traditional methods and many competitor’s software, the time to just load and view a file is greater than the time to get results with Five and document it in a report.

Educational conferences like DSI are key to getting working professionals the knowledge they need to continue their growth. We are not only participating as a company demonstrating our product in the expo area, we are offering education as well: we will also offer a sneak peek at our new Amped Authenticate project. Authenticate will incorporate this innovative workflow concept into a ground-breaking software for image authentication within a feature-packed, but easy to use, user experience. We see this as a critical tool for prosecutors and investigators in states such as California in light of the recent Beckley court ruling on requirements for digital evidence authentication.

Come to visit us at DSI in booth 11 in the main expo hall!

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