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In this post I’ll briefly explain the main idea that is behind Amped FIVE, the philosophy. Also, how it will improve your work as a forensic video analyst.

Every time we show Amped FIVE to a person who is not exactly an expert on video analysis, but who has a keen interest, or works with video evidence (such a general law enforcement inspector or detective) he’s impressed with the samples and how effective Amped FIVE filters are. But, actually, what makes us even more proud is when real experts appreciate our work. They may be aware of other products in the market. While there are many features in FIVE that are not present in other products, what amazes them is the workflow.

Yes, the workflow.

Maybe at the first instance they’ll be disappointed that FIVE is not behaving exactly like the Photoshop version or NLE video editor that they are used to. But once a few key concepts are understood, everything is much easier and faster.  Above all, the user feels in complete control.

The main idea is that absolutely everything you can do on an image or a video is done using a general object called a filter. A filter can be as simple as a luminance brightness adjustment or the selection of special frames of interest in a video, or the tool to measure an unknown height in an image.

The first filter is always a loader, so basically it loads some data from a file. Then you add another filter that accepts the loader as input and produces a processed image or video as output. That’s all. Filters can be moved, copied, pasted. Once you have a stack of filters you can modify any filter in any position (or modify its position) and directly, in real time, even while the video is playing, to see how the output changes.

What are the main advantages of this workflow:

  • It is very easily test different combinations of filters until the desired result is reached
  • The user is always in command and can feel the control of every single step of the processing
  • Work is done very, very, very fast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Click on the video below to find out. See the effectiveness of the processing in one of our YouTube screencasts.

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