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If you have recently seen our contacts, you may have noticed that we list a new Las Vegas, NV, based office.

Amped FIVE is currently used in many of the main forensic labs in Europe and it’s spreading as well in Asia and the Middle Eastern countries.  With growth strong worldwide, we have seen a growing interest in North America.  To provide North American customers with the same high standards of service that our current customers enjoy; we really felt that a local presence was necessary.

The result is the establishment of Amped Software North America, which will be responsible for sales, support, and training in the US, Canada and Mexico. The Amped Software North America operation is managed by EJ Ord, an expert manager who’s successfully run hi-tech businesses in the defense and electronics sectors for over twenty years.

Amped Software North America is fully committed to providing technical and commercial support to end users and resellers in the American market. It is helping both the customers to find the perfect hardware/software solution for they processing needs and helping government agencies and law enforcement in finding the grants to acquire our products.

May 16, 2011

Trieste, Italy and Las Vegas, NV, USA

Amped Software announced today the availability of Amped FIVE Forensic Image Processing Software with a sales and service partner office in North America.  Amped SRL presented Amped Software North America, based in Las Vegas, as the partner office for Amped in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Amped Software North America will be serving the needs of forensic investigators and intelligence gathering professionals from law enforcement, military, legal and private security markets.

“Innovation and offering advanced technology in a package that is also easy to use is one of the things that are unique to Amped products.  With strong sales and adoption by key agencies in Europe, we are looking forward to building a solid foundation in North America, too.  The cornerstone to this foundation is maintaining our high standards for customer service.  We have had significant interest from North America over the years and the time is right to establish a regional partnership and insure that our customers have access to our award winning products and service.” said Martino Jerian, CEO of Amped Software.

Amped Software is a world leader in image processing software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications. Its primary purpose is to provide forensic investigators a complete and unique solution to process and analyze digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way.

Amped FIVE (which is an acronym for “Forensic Image and Video Enhancement”) has been designed in cooperation with several specialized institutions and university researchers experienced in forensic science and criminology to provide a complete set of tools for gathering evidence.  The concept of Amped FIVE was the offspring of a joint venture between the Scientific Investigation Department of Carabinieri (Italian Military Police) National Crime Lab and the Image Processing Laboratory of the University Of Trieste, which is well known for its forensic activities.

With its revolutionary technology, Amped FIVE allows investigators to meet a wide range of demands which are otherwise hard to solve; it dramatically reduces time needed to process data and it improves the success rate of the particular cases, from the enhancing and restoring poor quality CCTV footage to fingerprint analysis and photo enhancement.  Amped FIVE also provides a direct interface from Milestone servers, which provides enhancement and analysis tools that customers can use it with their existing technology.


Amped Software North America web: Email: info (at) ampedsoftware (dot)com Phone +1 (702) 498-0738

About Amped Software:

Amped is an award winning dynamic company specialized in developing software solutions for image and video processing for forensic and investigative applications. With strategic partners across the world, Amped strive to exceed the ever-evolving requirements and anticipate the needs of our customers.   Amped was created out one clear and profound vision: “To be the world’s premier creator of forensic image analysis software”.  Amped is a partner for Milestone A/S which is the world’s most popular surveillance camera control software.


Martino Jerian, CEO, Amped SRL email: martino.jerian (at) ampedsoftware (dot) com Tel: +39 040 3755333 web:

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