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MAVEN Project Researches New Image and Video Authentication Technologies

We are proud to reveal that the European project MAVEN, in which Amped Software participates as a partner, has reached its first development milestone.

The first stage of the project, recently concluded, has been focused on the specification and development of the first functional versions of the tools that will integrate the future MAVEN suite for management, authentication and verification of multimedia contents. At present, the tools are being internally tested with promising results.

Amped Software and the rest of the MAVEN team will travel to Brussels next week, to present the results and to undergo a first assessment by the European Commission. Our objective in this project is to obtain new technologies for image and video authentication, which could improve the performance of our products and allow us to launch new tools. 

MAVEN is a European project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme under the “Research for the benefit of SMEs” scheme. The main goal of the project is the development of an efficient and scalable toolset for search, authentication and verification of multimedia contents, a product which is not yet available in the market and that will benefit law enforcement agencies, broadcasting companies and content producers, among others.

Amped to develop new image and video forensic technologies with the MAVEN European Project

Most of our research and development activities are done internally within our company, but we also believe in cooperation with university and research institutes to further push the state of the art of the current technologies in the forensic field. In this context, we are happy to announce that we are joining the MAVEN European Project: we really think that the scientific and technical expertise of the other institutions involved in the project will allow us to develop new outstanding in the field of image and video forensics.


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Using FIVE to clarify videos coming from a Milestone surveillance server

Amped FIVE is the most advanced software for enhancement of security videos and Milestone is the leading provider of IP video management software. FIVE is fully integrated with the Milestone XProtect server; with FIVE you can process, in real time, the live stream provided by the XProtect server or apply any image enhancement filter to a specific range of time to files in the archive. Milestone integration is included in both our Amped FIVE Express and Amped FIVE Professional editions. Continue reading

Amped becomes a Milestone Solution Partner

MilestoneWe are proud to announce that we just signed the partnership agreement with Milestone, the world leading company for what regards video management software for surveillance over IP.
In the very next future Amped Five will be integrated with the Milestone products in order to directly analyze and enhance saved video data on the fly and thus get more information from images in a very simple and fast way.