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Amped Funds a 3-Years Research Grant at the University of Florence

Since Amped lives on technology, it’s evident that research is essential to our company. “Research is important” is too often just a mantra or something companies and institutions like to repeat. But if you genuinely believe in that, the only way to go is to put resources on it!

We’re thus thrilled to announce that Amped Software partnered with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Florence (Italy), and funded a 3-years Research Grant! A candidate has been selected and has already started working under the supervision of professor Alessandro Piva, a world-renowned expert in the field of multimedia forensics.

The research project covers video forgery detection and integrity verification, forensic analysis of videos encoded with state-of-the-art algorithms, and more.

It is a significant commitment, and we’re very proud of fostering academic research in times where the sanitary crisis has raised budget concerns virtually everywhere in the world.

Stay tuned; we’re sure exciting results won’t be long in coming! You can also follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook so you’ll be promptly notified of our next achievements!

Amped Partners with the University of Colorado Denver to Help Students Analyze Image and Video Evidence Scientifically

Education is important for raising the value of video and image forensics. The more practitioners understand the correct way to process and clarify the evidence they receive, the better the probative value that evidence becomes. One group who has been working for many years to raise the quality and skill set of analysts is the National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) at the University of Colorado Denver. In addition to participating in research and assisting with best practices for the field, they have developed curriculum at the collegiate level to educate competent forensic scientists. Through their Media Forensics Master’s program, and training courses throughout the year, they are leaders in the education of current and future examiners.

We at Amped Software are happy to be part of the NCMF’s curriculum which focuses on teaching students to look at the evidence and learn the scientific ways to examine, clarify, and restore images and videos. Beginning this fall, in partnership with NCMF, Amped FIVE will be available in their classroom where students will learn how FIVE can be utilized to examine the metadata of files, understand clarification tools used throughout the world, use forensically sound stabilization and measurement tools, and create understandable presentation pieces backed by a scientific report. In doing so, students will be prepared with a wide breadth of tools to get the most detail and information from images and videos as they enter the workforce.

We are very excited that NCMF has chosen our products to help in their degree program. Together, Amped and NCMF will equip students to be well-prepared analysts using “methods and technology necessary to fight crime in the digital age”.

For more information on the NCMF Graduate Program, please click here.
To learn more about Amped Software’s Academic Program, contact us.

Amped Authenticate & Griffeye Analyze DI Pro: a synergy that empowers forensic analysts!

The partnership between Amped Software and Griffeye keeps growing and so does the integration between Griffeye Analyze DI Pro and Amped Authenticate. Analyze DI Pro is a media investigation software for handling large volumes of images and videos, filter irrelevant digital files, prioritize, correlate and identify the most pertinent material in investigations. It will let you scan and import data from a device or from a folder on your workstation. Once the import is complete, you can easily browse and intelligently sort/filter media.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Griffeye Analyze DI Pro enables you to do when linked with the Amped Authenticate plugins. Let’s create a case and import a folder containing a few JPEG files.

Analyze DI Pro lets you look at image metadata, and Amped Authenticate users know how interesting they are, but, we also know that a single image may contain hundreds of Exif metadata, and reading all of them is quite a boring job. Luckily, from the very same panel above we can call in Amped Authenticate File Format Analysis to automatically spot suspicious metadata. Once you installed Authenticate and the corresponding plugin in Analyze DI Pro, this is just as simple as right-clicking on one or all the images and then hit the “Plugin” voice and select “Amped Authenticate – File Format Analysis” from the pop-up list as shown below.

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Amped FIVE and Griffeye Analyze: Introducing the Integration

You may remember the announcement of our partnership with Griffeye, some months ago.  This partnership is especially interesting since we both work on images and videos, but in a different, yet complementary way. Griffeye focuses on finding the needle in a haystack, while Amped focuses on sharpening the needle and verifying it is actually a needle and not a stick.

In the latest release of  Griffeye Analyze, the Amped FIVE plugin has been added to the Analyze Forensic Market, but in the near future we plan to also add apps for Amped Authenticate and Amped DVRConv. In this post, we will show you how to start with the integration and how the two software work together.

First of all, we assume that you have installed Amped FIVE (build 9010 or later) and Griffeye Analyze (17.1.0 or later) on the same machine.

In order to enable the integration, you need to click on the button “Analyze Forensic Market”.

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Griffeye has a chat with Martino Jerian, Founder and CEO of Amped

We recently announced our partnership with Griffeye, the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform. The Griffeye team had a chat with our Founder and CEO, Martino Jerian, to address questions about the challenges and opportunities in image and video forensics, what the partnership means for customers, and what the future holds for Amped Software. Read the full interview below.

Martino, please introduce us to Amped and what sparked the idea for your company initially?

The inspiration for Amped Software came when I was doing my masters in Electronic Engineering at the University of Trieste in 2005. While working on my thesis in Digital Image Processing at the University of Trieste, in collaboration with the Scientific Investigation Department of Carabinieri (Italian Military Police) I realised there was a big opportunity to create software specifically for processing images and videos related to security and investigations. Amped Software was officially created in 2008 and my ultimate aim has been to create tools that are the world standard for the investigation of images and videos.


What need does Amped Software fill in the market?

When I started there were already several other image and video forensic companies in the market but as a forensic scientist, I realized that not one single product met all of the needs of a forensic analyst. Product functionality was limited, very pricey for the features on offer and did not deliver what users needed. I saw that there was an opportunity to a single tool that is the defacto standard for successfully handling all the forensic tasks needed on images and video for forensics and investigations. Continue reading

Amped partners with Griffeye to create ‘one stop shop’ for forensics community

In response to the growing volume and varying quality of data involved in forensic investigations, we are proud to announce our partnership with Griffeye, the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform, to address some of the biggest challenges facing forensic communities today. The partnership will ensure Amped users can swiftly perform higher volumes of image identification and analysis to more efficiently investigate evidence.

“This partnership ensures we can better serve our joint customers by enabling faster and more efficient analysis of forensic images and videos in one workflow,” said Martino Jerian, Founder and CEO at Amped Software. “By combining our two technologies, it will allow rich information to easily flow from one tool to the other in digital media investigations and open up new opportunities. We are proud to work with a company that reflects our own aims, ambitions and approach to customers – working closely with them to ensure users gain maximum benefit from well-serviced technology.”

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About the Amped-TASER deal: what changes for the users?

TL;DR: not much.Axon Taser

In light of the recent announcement of the partnership with TASER a lot of our customers have asked for more information about the deal.

It is as simple as this: TASER is now the exclusive source for our products in USA and Canada for law enforcement agencies (with cooperation also in other countries). For military, federal and other customers nothing changes. The same for our international customers.

TASER offers our products under the Axon brand with slightly different names.

There is no difference in features or user interaction between the different versions and the projects created with the Amped, or Axon branded products are 100% compatible.

At the core of the development and support we are still the same, but with a huge push in sales and company development that the critical mass of TASER and its awesome reputation brings.

New Partnership Provides Law Enforcement With Digital Evidence Solution

HSToday logoHSToday logoHS Today us

By: Amanda Vicinanzo, Senior Editor, Homeland Security Today (HSToday)

Answering the need for a complete evidence management solution for law enforcement, Mediasolv, the leading provider of Digital Evidence Management Solutions, has partnered with Amped Software (Amped) to develop an integrated Digital Evidence Platform.

Partnership with Amped, the leading provider of forensic image and video analysis, authentication, and proprietary media format conversion, will provide law enforcement with the ability to work within one Digital Evidence Platform while preserving the integrity of evidence from the initial gathering of evidence in the field to the moment it appears in the courtroom.

“Our customers have asked for a complete solution for evidence management, body worn cameras, in-car video, interrogation room recording, and surveillance video management. The missing piece was a high quality forensics tool set with the MediaSolv Platform. Amped Software has filled that void with a world class solution. We are thrilled with the industry response to our integration with Amped”, said Jim Weaver, MediaSolv Solutions’ president and CEO.

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Amped Software and MediaSolv Provide Complete Evidence Management Solution

We are glad to announce the partnership and integration with MediaSolv. You can find the original announcement here.


— ONE SOLUTION– Complete Evidence Management Solutions starting with recording and recovery in the field, complete forensic analysis, network transfers to the prosecutor and delivery to the courtroom —

MediaSolv Solutions Corp. (MediaSolv), the leading provider of Digital Evidence Management Solutions, and Amped Software (Amped), the leading provider of forensic image and video analysis, authentication, and proprietary media format conversion; are pleased to announce a new integration and partnership. The partnership and development of an integrated platform means that law enforcement can work within one Digital Evidence Platform and Solution while maintaining authenticity of evidence, proper forensic processes, and full chain of custody from gathering evidence in the field, to the prosecutor, and ultimately to the courtroom.

“Our customers have asked for a complete solution for evidence management, body worn cameras, in-car video, interrogation room recording, and surveillance video management. The missing piece was a high quality forensics tool set with the MediaSolv Platform. Amped Software has filled that void with a world class solution. We are thrilled with the industry response to our integration with Amped”, says Jim Weaver, MediaSolv Solutions’ President and CEO.

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