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Amped Authenticate Update 7661: Command Line API and more

The increased reliance on digital images within the justice system and media has resulted in a much greater need for authentication.

In the latest update to Amped Authenticate, a huge development has been made to speed up the initial assessment and reporting of images. With more enhancements to some of the key filters along with user interface refinements, you will want to be updating your software today!

Two of the updates require there own dedicated posts in order to give you more information and they will be following in the coming days.

Let me show you some of the exciting new features.

New display functions with ADJPEG/NADJPEG

New display functions with ADJPEG/NADJPEG

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Amped Authenticate Update: New Filters, Batch Processing and Automatic Warnings

After yesterday’s huge update of Amped FIVE, today we have an even bulkier one for Amped Authenticate.

The field of Forensic Image Authentication is really starting to move forward quickly, due to the increasing need to analyze images for evidence of tampering and malicious manipulation. To further support users of Amped Authenticate, a number of new filters and processing tools have been added to this unique and powerful software package.

New Local Analysis Filters

There are four (yes, you read that correctly – four as “4”) new Local Analysis Filters:

Image 001

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Amped Authenticate Update: Improved Clones Blocks Visualization

We just released an update to Amped Authenticate. It contains several improvements in the performance and visualization of the Clones Blocks filter, which is a very powerful tool to detect cloned areas in an image.

First of all, now different cloned areas will be marked in different colors, which will make life easier for the analyst to detect different manipulations.

Let’s take this picture, for example. Without scrolling down, are you able to identify what’s wrong?

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