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How to Amped DVRConv

Amped DVRConv: The Beginner’s Guide

Reading time: 5 min Simplicity, speed, and forensic integrity all come together in Amped’s latest software, providing law enforcement and digital forensic labs with a quick and easy stand-alone

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How to Amped FIVE

How to Amped Authenticate

Learn and solve it with Amped FIVE

Increase Exposure of Dark Footage

Reading time: 7 min Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to our fourteenth installment of the “Learn and solve it with Amped FIVE” series. This week we will discuss how

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Forensic Workflow

Dealing with Deepfakes

Reading time: 2 min “SEEING IS BELIEVING.” Or, rather, that’s what we used to say. Since the beginning of time, seeing a fact or a piece of news depicted

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CCTV Acquisition

CCTV Acquisition Series Summary

Reading time: 10 min We have made it! After several months of posts, we have come to the series summary on CCTV Acquisition. Thank you for joining us on

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Viewing CCTV after Acquisition

Reading time: 7 min Welcome back to the blog series on CCTV Acquisition where, in this article, we cover viewing CCTV after acquisition. At initial thought, you may believe

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Enhanced Reflections

User Interviews



Video Evidence: Handle with Care

Reading time: 2 min Some of the new simplicities afforded to us can, unfortunately, cloud ones’ judgement when dealing with images and video for legal use. Technology has, in

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Photo Geek Measurement Experiments

Reading time: 5 min Hi everyone, it’s my first blog post here, so let me introduce myself. My name is Gabriele Guarnieri and I am an electronics engineer specialized

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