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Amped DVRConv Update 27228: Hardware Acceleration and Adding New Extensions

A new update to Amped DVRConv has just landed! Amped DVRConv is the batch converter of choice for forensic video practitioners and CCTV investigators alike, enabling quick and quality preserving batch conversions of proprietary video formats into a compatible open format. It is empowered by the same conversion engine used by Amped Replay and Amped FIVE, but unlike its big sisters, it also performs batch conversion of different formats by using a simple and effective drag and drop and/or watch folder architecture; ideal for those of you in need to convert a large quantity of CCTV coming from several different sources. Let’s go and have a look at what new features we have in store for you.

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Measuring in a Scene: What Filters to Use in Amped FIVE?

Being able to measure an object or a person (or an animal ?! ) in a two dimensional image is in high demand these days within the forensic video community.

We all know (or should know!) that in Amped FIVE it is possible to calculate measurements such as the height of an unknown person or the speed of a vehicle from CCTV and other video evidence. And we have a variety of different filters in the Measurement group that can do the job just fine, such as Measure 1D, Measure 2D, Measure 3D and Speed Estimation 2D. But what filters shall we use? And which one is going to give us the most accurate results? It depends, of course.

Let’s have a look at the train of thought that will lead us to choose the right filter for our specific circumstances.

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Amped Replay Update 26089: Improved Decoding Performance, Custom Interpolation Method, Aligning Annotations and More!

We are very excited to bring you yet another big Amped Replay update today! The number one player designed specifically for front line policing and investigating is back and packed with lots of new features and improvements, which we think you are going to love!

In line with our development strategy for 2022, we continue to bring performance improvements, as promised – this time adding CPU Multi-threading Support and Standard Rounding Chroma Up-sampling for the decoding and playback of video. You will now also be able, if you wish, to customize your interpolation method when resizing video clips.

 Let’s go through the complete list of updates we have in store for you.

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The Answers To Your Amped FIVE Questions

In the past few years, we have hosted many webinars about our products. During the sessions, we received lots of interesting questions from the participants. Some of them have been asked frequently, so we thought it may be interesting to write them down for people to read them. We take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and we look forward to meeting you or seeing you again at future webinars!

You can check out the next webinars here.

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