Authenticate Update 23481: Improved Variation of Prediction Footprint Analysis and More

As we hope you know already, at the end of 2021 we’ve added the Variation of Prediction Footprint (VPF) video tool to Amped Authenticate. VPF allows detecting video double encoding (if you missed that, have a read here!), which is massively important for video integrity analysis. This early update adds more features to VPF analysis […]

Amped Authenticate Update 22874: Introducing VPF Analysis for Video Double Encoding Detection and Improvements to the Shadows Filter

Have you ever heard “Dulcis in fundo“? It’s a Latin saying that means: “leave the sweetest for the end”. And this is what we’ve done with Authenticate this year! Just before this challenging 2021 reaches its end, we’re sharing a new Amped Authenticate update with an important new tool. Keep reading!

Amped Authenticate Update 15518: Customizable Reporting, CRP Comparison, Enhanced JPEG Ghost Map Filter, Check Sun Position, Improved HEIF Support, and More

Here we are! 2020 has just begun, and we’re releasing a brand new update to Amped Authenticate. Keep reading to find out what we’ve brewed for our loyal users. Customizable Reporting If you’re an Amped FIVE user, you’ve probably met this long-awaited feature a few weeks ago: now it is available in Amped Authenticate as […]

Amped Authenticate Update 13901: Introducing Projects and Report, PRNU with Multiple Reference Cameras, Improved Social Media Identification, and More

The extra-hot summer we’ve had in Italy didn’t stop our dev team! So here we are again this week with another release, this time for Amped Authenticate, maybe just in time for you to try it before your summer holidays! Projects and Report We are proud to introduce this widely requested feature: you have now […]

Amped Authenticate Update 12336: Brand new smart report tool, PRNU detection improvements and more…

The festive season is right around the corner and this is one of our busiest times of the year! Despite this, we’re here with another update to Amped Authenticate just in time for the holidays! Smart Report While we’ve included the ability to generate batch processing reports for a while, we’re now introducing an exciting […]

Amped Authenticate Update 11362: JPEG Dimples, Improved JPEG HT, Social Media Identification, and much more!

Not long has passed since the release of Amped Authenticate 10641 but… yes, the next one is already out! Amped Authenticate 11362 is now released with a lot of improvements, including two new filters based on JPEG Dimples, one of the last discoveries of the image forensics scientific community! JPEG Dimples Despite many attempts to […]