Chiara and David at the World Police Summit 2023: Latest News from Amped Software

Chiara and Davis standing at Amped's booth at the World Police Summit 2023

The World Police Summit 2023 is a global annual event that brings together law enforcement professionals, government officials, security experts, and technology providers to discuss the latest trends and challenges in policing. This year’s summit was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where attendees could network with their peers and learn about new technologies that can help them fight crime more effectively. Furthermore, it featured several prominent speakers from around the world. Among them was our Forensic Analyst David Spreadborough. He gave on March 8 a special presentation about video evidence analysis and introduced Amped Software. In addition, our Sales Manager Chiara Zaupa met with different kinds of professionals from all over the world. During the summit, they shared their insights on how video analysis can be used to solve crimes faster and more efficiently.


Amped Software is a leading provider of forensic video analysis software used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.
In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Chiara and David’s experience at the World Police Summit 2023 as well as at the latest news from Amped Software.

Chiara and Davis at Amped's booth at the World Police Summit 2023

Networking Opportunities for Law Enforcement Agencies at the World Police Summit 2023

One of the key benefits of attending events like the World Police Summit is networking opportunities with other professionals. The summit provides a platform for industry experts to exchange ideas on how to tackle common problems such as crime, terrorism, cybercrime, and image and video forensics among others. For Chiara and David, this was an excellent chance to meet colleagues who share similar interests. They interacted with various stakeholders and end users to showcase Amped’s products, outline how they improve daily investigations and solve complex cases involving digital evidence, and speak about video analysis.

Chiara and David with the SAT team at World Police Summit 2023

David Spreadborough’s Presentation on Video Analysis at the World Police Summit 2023

David Spreadborough was one of the keynote speakers at this year’s summit. On March 8 he gave a presentation on “Video evidence analysis during investigations: raising awareness to grant security and justice through science“. He kicked off his talk by introducing Amped Software and its products as an ecosystem for forensic image and video analysis. He focused on recovering and processing footage from CCTV. Furthermore, he discussed how police officers can use advanced video analysis tools to recover crucial information from surveillance footage that can help solve crimes faster than ever before.

He demonstrated how the company’s flagship product – Amped FIVE – has helped video analysts analyze CCTV footage more efficiently while providing accurate results that stand up in court proceedings. He also highlighted some case studies where criminal cases were successfully solved using these techniques.

David pointing at a screen during his presentation at the World Police Summit 2023

Latest News From Amped Software

Apart from showcasing its products at conferences like World Police Summit 2023, Amped software regularly releases updates aimed at improving user experience while enhancing functionality within its suite of forensic video analysis tools.

Here are some recent developments worth noting:

Final Notes

In conclusion, attending conferences like the World Police Summit provides invaluable opportunities for professionals working within law enforcement agencies or related fields such as cybersecurity or forensics science research, etc.
In addition to gaining access to informative knowledge-sharing sessions, this king of events provide also access to cutting-edge technology. These have the potential to greatly enhance investigative efforts across various jurisdictions. Moreover, they promote innovation towards better solutions against crime prevention efforts worldwide.
Chiara and David’s presence at the World Police Summit 2023 highlights just how important collaboration between industry leaders remains crucial today. Overall, it was inspiring to see how technology can play a vital role in improving public safety and security worldwide.
Amped Software strives to provide tools and solutions aimed at law enforcement agencies all over the world to achieve justice through science!

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