An Interview in Forensics Talks about Video Evidence

Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software, has a chat with Eugene Liscio on his popular YouTube show “Forensics Talks”. Watch now the interview to learn more about the challenges with video evidence, the correct way of processing images in a forensic context, published papers and ongoing scientific research, and much more!

Martino has published several scientific papers on image and video forensics and worked as a forensic expert in major judiciary cases. His current activities are mainly focused on the improvement of the relationship between justice and science during forensic investigations, on proper education and training on image and video analysis, and raising awareness to the challenges of video evidence, especially in relation to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

In fact, one of the key objectives of Martino is to share with the public the importance of a scientific, forensically sound workflow when dealing with image and video evidence: that’s why education is so vital and training is among the company’s core activities. Reliable results can only be achieved through correct procedures followed by competent and prepared personnel.

Watch the full interview to learn more!

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