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From its beginnings, as an application dedicated to the scientific enhancement of images and video, Amped FIVE has grown into the most powerful software package for video and image analysis for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence. One single tool for multimedia interpretation, proprietary video decoding, encoding analysis, image restoration, and enhancement, mathematical measurements, annotations, creation of demonstrative for court, and scientific reporting.

With every stage of an analyst’s workflow combined within a simple interface, it is easy to see why FIVE is trusted in over 100 countries and territories worldwide. This short webinar will introduce you to the functions, tools, and filters that simplify forensic video and image analysis, allowing you to get the answers you need with a scientific process that is accurate, repeatable, and reproducible.

Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Time: 4:00 PM CET (Italy time) / 10:00 AM EST (New York time)
Duration: 1h and 30 min

After viewing this webinar you will be issued a certificate by email documenting that you have taken part in the session. Please note that a certificate will only be issued to those who request it and who have attended the entire webinar.


About the Speaker

David Spreadborough – Forensic Analyst at Amped Software

david spreadborough

David served as a UK Police Officer for 24 years, the final 12 of which were spent as a CCTV investigator. He was the first LEVA certified Forensic Video Analyst in Europe and remains one of only four outside of North America. Since working with Amped Software, David has provided a key role in the development of Amped Software’s technical training, as well as spreading his passion for jurisprudence reform through the latest technological innovations. He is still a practicing forensic video analyst and has frequently been called as an expert witness to assist legal teams and law enforcement with ongoing criminal investigations.

What is Amped FIVE?

Amped FIVE is the most trusted software for forensic video analysis, conversion, and image enhancement for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence. It provides more than 140 filters and tools to analyze, restore, and clarify digital images and videos generating a complete scientific report of the process to ensure your evidence is admissible in court.

Amped FIVE is an all-in-one solution that works with any type of image and video data, from CCTV recordings and body-worn cameras to latent fingerprints, and supports any standard image and video format. It also automatically converts the majority of proprietary formats, eliminating the need to install multiple players.

Don’t forget to follow our Amped FIVE Filter Friday video series on the Amped Software YouTube channel.

See you at the webinar!

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