Our Top 21 in 2021

Here we are again, another busy year is quickly coming to an end and we are very excited to share some of the best achievements we’ve reached together in 2021. Many things have happened in the last 12 months, from software updates to new licensing options and the launch of new blog post series. Check out this year’s top 21 news:

  1. Our products are currently being used in more than 100 countries.

  2. Trained more than 2400 people worldwide so far.

  3. Our team now counts 30 international employees, and we’re still expanding!

  4. Organized 20 free webinars and discussed a wide range of topics in digital forensics.

  5. Started offering annual subscription licenses as well as the usual perpetual licenses.

  6. Interviewed 4 of our end users. If you want to share your story with us, get in touch!

  7. Published the “Video Evidence Pitfalls” blog series and summed up in 17 articles some delicate or even dangerous aspects that you may easily encounter when dealing with images and videos during investigations.

  8. Released the “Amped Replay Tutorials: How Do I Do This?” blog series and published 25 articles to address simple tasks that people working with video face almost daily.

  9. Launched the new “Enhanced Reflections” blog series where Martino Jerian, Amped Software’s CEO,  gives users a better insight into the ins and outs of Amped, the industry in general and other relevant topics. 

  10. Published 48 Amped FIVE Filter Friday videos.

  11. Released 5 tutorial videos on Annotations.

  12. Launched the Amped User Community in Discord.

  13. Added Freeze Frame and Blank Video filters to Amped FIVE.

  14. Extended audio support with 5 new dedicated filters for Amped FIVE: Audio Loader, Audio Writer, Add Stream, Audio/Video Muxer, Audio Sync.

  15. Improved timestamp support within Amped FIVE and added the new Adjust Timestamp filter, variable frame rate playback, and much more.

  16. Further improved Amped FIVE’s video conversion engine with many new formats and Fallback Procedures.

  17. Added Annotation Keyframing to make tracking of annotations even quicker than before in Amped Replay and Amped FIVE.

  18. Added Smart Processing for several filters to automatically detect and fix most interlacing and aspect ratio issues in Amped Replay.

  19. Added Automated Playback Speed Adjustment based on timestamps and other time metadata in Amped Replay.

  20. Added the VPF Analysis for double video encoding detection in Amped Authenticate.

  21. Improved performance of PRNU for Video in Amped Authenticate.

We hope you take advantage of this time of the year to spend quality time with your loved ones. We look forward to another great year together.

Season’s Greetings from the Amped Team!

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