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Official training courses for 2022 are now available! Amped Software offers training courses for beginner, intermediate, and expert level users who are willing to improve their investigations and gain more in-depth knowledge on video evidence.

A wide range of new topics and flexible options are available for you this year, so choose the course that best suits your needs and book your seat today to guarantee your attendance!

What are the benefits of booking a seat?

  • interact with industry experts and discuss key topics about digital forensics
  • experience hands-on training on the use of Amped Software products
  • learn about the challenges in forensic video and digital multimedia evidence processing
  • acquire in-depth knowledge of the most important software features
  • learn the workflow that is compatible with forensic needs and constraints.

Please note that a training certificate will be provided after the course documenting the student’s attendance.

Who are these courses for?

  • users who want to improve their investigations
  • forensic video analysts, technicians, and examiners
  • forensic lab experts and digital forensic experts
  • investigators, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators that work with video evidence.

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New dates are finally out, so check out the schedule below for our upcoming classes – we will be adding more soon!


The course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on with many practical exercises to solve cases using Amped FIVE. Besides showing how to use the software, we will cover the basics of image and video generation, processing, and enhancement, with a focus on surveillance footage. We will also highlight the most common pitfalls that users may encounter in their casework.

Discover more about the course here.

January 24-28, 202211 AM – 3 PM EST (New York)Blake Sawyer
January 24-28, 20229 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy)Samuel Abbott
February 28-March 04, 202211 AM – 3 PM EST (New York)Blake Sawyer
March 07-11, 202214 PM – 18 PM CET (Italy)Stefano Bianchi
March 07-11, 20229 AM – 1 PM CET (Spain)Abel Baños Peña
March 07-11, 2022 4 PM – 8 PM CET (Spain) Abel Baños Peña
March 21-25, 20229 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) Samuel Abbott
April 04-08, 202211 AM – 3 PM EDT (New York)Blake Sawyer
May 02-06, 20229 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy)Stefano Bianchi
May 23-27, 20229 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy)Samuel Abbott
June 20-24, 20229 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy)Stefano Bianchi


The course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on. After presenting the concepts of integrity and authenticity, the course explains the image generation pipeline and how artifacts are introduced during generation and manipulation of imagery. Then, it shows how Amped Authenticate builds on such artifacts to unveil the processing history of images and videos; this includes analyzing the integrity, the authenticity, and the source device of the examined content.

Read more about this course here.

January 31-February 04, 20229 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy)Stefano Bianchi
May 16-20, 20229 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy)Stefano Bianchi


The course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on with practical or simulated cases using Amped Replay. We will focus on implementing a firm legal process for using and reporting on image and video evidence in daily investigations. This course has the purpose to provide students with the theory and the basics of image processing, understand the issues affecting images and videos in an investigative context and deliver in-depth knowledge of all software features to solve those issues, including the technical and scientific background behind the implemented techniques.

Learn more about this course here.

February 22-24, 20229 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy)Samuel Abbott

Please note that official Amped Software training courses are only conducted by Amped Software personnel. We do not endorse or certify other people or companies to perform training on our products.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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