Amped Has a Chat With Jeffrey D., a Video Expert From a Canadian Private Company

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Jeff is a forensic video expert working for a private company in Canada. He’s a totally enthusiastic user and when I invited him for an interview, he was very excited to be featured. Due to the company policy on testimonials, we had to remove a few details from the public version of the interview. But here we go anyways!

Martino Jerian, Amped Software CEO and Founder

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background and your current role at your company?

My name is Jeffrey D., and I just want to mention I am honored to be chosen for an Amped User Interview, thank you to Martino and the team! I began my career six years ago as a media technician. I am primarily responsible for preparing and wrapping over 100 private investigations with video footage (obtained in the field) for potential legal disputes within the Ontario insurance industry (Canada). This amazing experience has led me down the rabbit hole, which I am still currently going down, and threw me into the Wild West of digital forensics.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I think the most rewarding part of my job is ultimately what I have always wanted to do which is help people. Forensic video analysis needs advocates within numerous fields to help validate and ensure the integrity of the digital evidence that is being used daily by judicial systems worldwide to aid them in discovering the factual truth in criminal and civil court proceedings. 

What was it that first sparked your interest in the field of image and video forensics?

The very first software suite I discovered that geared toward this specialty field was Amped FIVE, and I was blown away by the cutting-edge techniques and processes it offered. Its ability to allow you to quickly triage files and access multiple programs within its interface would and has been essential to my daily workflow. I also just want to mention that I loved the GUI. It resembles a more traditional non-linear editing program interface which is more appealing to the traditionalist in me. 

Our company began offering some services based on techniques and processes as set out by the SWGDE. It has allowed me to meet some amazing friends, mentors, and clients. I have learned to adopt techniques such as Optical Distortion correction, Frame Averaging, and macroblocks analysis. The list of the services that can help our client’s combat fraud within the insurance industry goes on. It’s all about educating and discovering applications.

Why did you choose Amped software products rather than other solutions?

I chose Amped FIVE rather than other solutions because of its reputation within the digital forensic field and the ability to use Single View Metrology for photogrammetry files. I also really liked some of the restoration filters that other solutions just don’t offer (Temporal Smoothing, Motion Smoothing, etc). The one-time payment option is fantastic if budgets permits and the world-class updates and support also contributed to the overall decision to go with Amped FIVE.

What would you say are the most valuable features in Amped FIVE for your investigations? 

I love the fact that my entire workflow can take place within Amped FIVE’s interface. If I receive a propriety CCTV format during the commission of my duties I can copy and verify, complete an advanced file analysis, triage for suitability, restore, colour correct, and configure multiple presentation options to provide amazing digital demonstratives to clients.

How do you think the world of image and video forensics will change over the next few years?

I think we are on the cusp of the transition from the AVCHD compression algorithm to the less compatible HEVC. Once more compatibility is obtained, I believe HEVC will be the preferred method of compression and hopefully, it directly correlates with the results obtained in the field by forensic video analysts everywhere!

We are often told that case backlog is an issue for many video labs, what do you think could be done to assist with this problem?

I feel that locating talent, education, and access to training are imperative going forward as digital evidence is only going to become more prevalent in the future.

What are the most important aspects of training and education for forensic image and video analysts?

I think continuous learning is an essential part of growing and becoming a more resilient examiner. Preparing yourself for the files that may come across your desk and knowing when and where to use a specific process will only increase your confidence in your position.

Finally, what do you do to relax in your free time?

I love spending time with my family (Heather, Sienna, and Aubrey), reading, watching sports, playing video games, playing guitar, camping, etc.

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