See You at the IAI Annual Educational Conference in Nashville

iai annual educational conference

Join us at the IAI Annual Educational Conference from 1- 7 August at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville (US).
You can find us in booth 525!

Don’t forget to follow all of these very exciting and interesting Amped Software sessions:

Basic principles of Image and Video Authentication

Presenter: Blake Sawyer
August 3, 08:00 – 08:45 CDT

In a world where a picture or video can have a crucial impact on nearly every investigation, making sure that media is what it purports and hasn’t been tampered with is paramount. This course will talk through differences in the authenticity of an image and the integrity of an image. We will then describe methods means to identify both file integrity and image authenticity.

Video Evidence Pitfalls

Presenter: Blake Sawyer
August 3, 08:50 – 09:30 CDT

While video is more readily available to aid in investigations today (e.g. CCTV, Body-worn, social media, and cellphones), there are several questions that may be asked of a video and that may not be able to be answered just by hitting the “Play” button. Understanding how video from sources can affect what we see when evaluating video is crucial to any evidence, and the eye is prone to see things differently than it is recorded. Learn why it is crucial to understand how the video is played and make sure the answers we get from the images are accurate.

Video File Analysis: Understanding the Data Behind the Images

Presenter: Blake Sawyer
August 4, 13:00 – 17:00 CDT

In this workshop, examiners will get an understanding of how a video is made at a frame level, how to examine and interpret metadata available to a video container, stream, and frame; and different methods to validate that data. Attendees should contact the instructor beforehand if they wish to use any of their own files in this workshop.

About the conference

iai annual educational conference

The IAI Annual Educational Conference provides a full week of high-quality, cutting-edge education and hands-on training in forensic physical evidence examination and crime scene processing. You will be able to join lectures on the latest technology, techniques, and research, sign up for workshops to practice basic to advanced skills, and attend meetings and panels that provide an opportunity to discuss the latest professional topics and developments.

Find out more about the conference and register today!

See you there!

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