Can you see in the dark?

A crime has occurred. Your investigators comb the area looking for clues. Your media relations staff hit the airwaves asking for the public’s help. Your social media cyber team trolls the Internet for images taken about the time of the crime and in the general location.


An image shows up on social media that was taken a few minutes before the crime occurred, looking down the street at what is now your crime scene. But, what’s wrong with this picture?

Taken into the setting sun, the features of the scene are back-lit. Useful information is lost.

Or is it?

Enter Amped FIVE.

With more than 100 scientifically validated filters available to employ against any type of problem, Amped FIVE can solve even the most complex of problems. This revolutionary program is not only powerful; it’s fast.

history chain

The power of Amped FIVE isn’t in expensive hardware. You don’t need super-fast graphics cards or super computers to run the software. The power of Amped FIVE is in its’ algorithms, taken from the world of image science.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In this case, it’s worth witness and vehicle descriptions and a license plate number.

dark street-after

Where at first there is shadow,  you can now clearly see:

  • Female, clothing description
  • Male, clothing description, backpack
  • Vehicle, rear light configuration, license plate

Are you getting the most from your evidence?

dark street-compare

With Amped FIVE, you can.

Contact us for more information.

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