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Many of you will have seen the recent Amped Training schedule, detailing some of the training events at our HQ in Trieste, Italy, and also at the Henderson training facility in the USA.

As we mentioned, we also come to you… and this is important in a number of ways.

Forensic Video Analysis and the enhancement of Digital Images and Video, is a relatively small sector in Forensic Science. However, the input, (the amount of product being acquired), and the output, (the amount of images and video presented as evidence), is huge.

As a result, those people doing the job are very, very busy people. But if you are one of those people – you don’t need us to tell you that!

At Amped Software, we understand this. That’s why, whenever possible – we will come to you… wherever you are!

It doesn’t matter how hot the country… or how cold!

a man holding a coffee cup

It doesn’t matter how near the country… or how far!

flight length from Manchester to Melbourne

You see, one of the many, many benefits of using Amped software is that you don’t need huge amounts of bespoke systems or computers. The software comes on a dongle, and I bring all the training material and information. As long as your laptop or desktop has a USB2 port – we are good to go!

people in Lithuania sitting in front of computers working on Amped FIVE
Training in Lithuania

There are some PC Specs that makes things a lot easier, such as having a higher screen resolution, but it is possible to manage with lower.

PC specifications for training

Another point is that it’s often difficult for small units to all quickly get the training required. By running the training in-house, at your venue, the entire team can be trained quickly without unnecessary abstraction.

We understand that your expert skills and knowledge may be required at anytime. We have visited a number of countries and police agencies where we have changed the daily schedule to fit around urgent and current investigations. This enables you to carry on working whilst not missing out on the training.

David point at something on the screen during training

We are there for you, and getting you the information and training you need, is one of our core beliefs.

… and we do have some fun… especially when explaining motion!!

David teaching Amped FIVE

For more information and to discuss your training requirements then please contact us.

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