A Witness with a Mobile Phone

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Everyone has a mobile phone …mobile phone in hand

A crime has occurred. What’s the first thing that people around the scene do? They grab their mobile phones. Why? To call the police or emergency services? Not usually. Not at first.

First things first.

They want to go viral on social media.

But it’s dark, and the person holding the phone is excited and moving around.

They capture the events and eventually send it to you. But it seems worthless. How can you make sense of this dark, shaking, video?


Enter Amped FIVE.

The competition’s tools brighten and adjust exposure. But doing that to this type of video or image is useless. You end up with a noisy jumbled mess.


You’re sure that there’s a license plate captured by the video, but if you can’t see it, then the video is of no value.

When a video is shaking and bouncing, you need the ability to stabilize it so that the area of interest remains in the center of the field of view.

Once the video is stabilized, you can begin to address the noise and lighting issues. In this case, the individual frames of video are averaged together to remove noise and reveal details.


Fast forward to your trial date.

Under cross-examination, you’ll likely be asked if you “Photoshopped” the image. What did you do to the image? Can you explain the science behind your tools and techniques?

With Amped FIVE, your testimony is easily guided by your report … a report that is automatically assembled by Amped FIVE and generated on demand. You write nothing down.


Amped FIVE’s reports give you the plain English explanation of every filter used, the detailed explanation, the settings, and (when applicable) the peer-reviewed academic/scientific source for the filter. There is no guesswork; just read the report.


For more information on this powerful tool, or to find out how to get your copy, click here.

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