Amped Software at IH&MMSEC 2016

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I am very excited to announce that next week I’ll be at the ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security, in Vigo, Spain from June 20 to 22, 2016.ihmmsec

Why am I so excited? While I love visiting customers, going to trade shows and partner events, this is a purely scientific conference. Our roots are in the academic world, and we are still cooperating with different universities and research institutions very often. And this time, I have the honor of giving a keynote in front of some of the world most well-known researcher in our discipline.

The title of the presentation is “Bringing Multimedia Security from the Research Lab to the Forensic Lab”. This is the abstract of the presentation:

The work done by researchers in the field, on multimedia security, is laying the foundations for increasing the capabilities of the community of forensic practitioners. However, very often there is a big gap between what is studied at the research level and what is available to the law enforcement labs in their everyday work. Often researchers achieve a very high level of expertise in their specific fields, but miss out on the context in which the technologies must be used, while the end users are often not aware of such technologies or don’t have the skills or the time to work with them. Having worked on both sides of the fence, Martino Jerian, CEO and founder of Amped Software, will tell the story of how a project initially started as a master thesis at university, became one of the standard tools for image and video forensics, used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Martino Jerian will show how some technological partnerships with universities managed to yield very good practical results both on the business and research level. It will show how expert researchers are actually amazed and excited when they are directed and pushed to face real problems out of the lab and see the result of their research in a finished product which helps to solve cases and, sometimes, saves lives.

Martino Jerian will then showcase the software Amped Authenticate, which is the world leading tool for image forgery detection, as an example of a success story of building a bridge between the researchers and the forensic community.

Presenter: Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder, Amped Software, Italy

Martino Jerian founded Amped Software in 2008, with the mission to create revolutionary products that could become the standard tools for working with images and videos during investigations and for forensic applications. Amped Software products are used by the world’s leading top forensic labs, law enforcement, government, military, and security organizations. Martino Jerian also works as a forensic video and image analyst, evaluating hundreds of different cases every year and has published several scientific papers on the topic of image and video forensics.

This is just the first step of my plan to get Amped Software more known in the academic world. We have several projects in the pipeline, including the publications of several scientific papers on some innovative algorithms that we have developed for image and video processing.

Follow the links to can get more information about the conference, the program and keynotes.


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