About the Amped-TASER deal: what changes for the users?

TL;DR: not much.Axon Taser

In light of the recent announcement of the partnership with TASER a lot of our customers have asked for more information about the deal.

It is as simple as this: TASER is now the exclusive source for our products in USA and Canada for law enforcement agencies (with cooperation also in other countries). For military, federal and other customers nothing changes. The same for our international customers.

TASER offers our products under the Axon brand with slightly different names.

  • Amped FIVE becomes Axon Five.
  • Amped Authenticate becomes Axon Detect.
  • Amped DVRConv (not officially launched internationally) becomes Axon Convert.

There is no difference in features or user interaction between the different versions and the projects created with the Amped, or Axon branded products are 100% compatible.

At the core of the development and support we are still the same, but with a huge push in sales and company development that the critical mass of TASER and its awesome reputation brings.

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