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Amped Authenticate Update: New Filters, Batch Processing and Automatic Warnings

After yesterday’s huge update of Amped FIVE, today we have an even bulkier one for Amped Authenticate.

The field of Forensic Image Authentication is really starting to move forward quickly, due to the increasing need to analyze images for evidence of tampering and malicious manipulation. To further support users of Amped Authenticate, a number of new filters and processing tools have been added to this unique and powerful software package.

New Local Analysis Filters

There are four (yes, you read that correctly – four as “4”) new Local Analysis Filters:

Image 001

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Amped FIVE Update: Experimental Audio Support, Advanced File Information and Much More!

Amped FIVE gets a bunch of new features, following requests from the rapidly increasing user base.

One of the benefits of working within a tight community of analysts and investigators is that new ideas and requests flow into the developers on a daily basis. The more people that require a specific function, the quicker it gets integrated for you, the user.

All of the new functions seen here have come about after being requested by FIVE Users.

FFMS Decoder with Audio

When you first drag a file into FIVE main window, interrogation of the format and codec will take place. The order of decoders is set automatically so if the media can be decoded, then that engine will be chosen. The first one is FFMS.

There is now another Decoder at the top of the list.

Image 002

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