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CSI Video Enhancement, Finally Someone is Getting It

I am finally starting to see some articles which explain nicely what we have been trying to explain for a long time, regarding the video enhancement techniques that you see in CSI-type shows.

I just discovered a very nice article on How to Geek: Stop Believing TV’s Lies: The Real Truth About “Enhancing” Images. I already tried several times, even with our most recent blog post “The Untold Secrets of Forensic Video Enhancement: Myth versus Science”, to explain what is feasible and what is not feasible for enhancement, but the How to Geek guys do an even better job.


I just want to cite and comment on a few parts, that I really like:

It’s one of the most common tropes in television and movies, but is there any possibility a government agency could really have the technology to find faces where there are only blurry pixels? We’ll make the argument that not only is it impossible with current technology, but it is very unlikely to ever be a technology we’ll ever see. Stick around to see us put this trope under the lenses of science and technology, and prove it wrong once and for all.

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