New Partnership Provides Law Enforcement With Digital Evidence Solution

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By: Amanda Vicinanzo, Senior Editor, Homeland Security Today (HSToday)

Answering the need for a complete evidence management solution for law enforcement, Mediasolv, the leading provider of Digital Evidence Management Solutions, has partnered with Amped Software (Amped) to develop an integrated Digital Evidence Platform.

Partnership with Amped, the leading provider of forensic image and video analysis, authentication, and proprietary media format conversion, will provide law enforcement with the ability to work within one Digital Evidence Platform while preserving the integrity of evidence from the initial gathering of evidence in the field to the moment it appears in the courtroom.

“Our customers have asked for a complete solution for evidence management, body-worn cameras, in-car video, interrogation room recording, and surveillance video management. The missing piece was a high-quality forensics tool set with the MediaSolv Platform. Amped Software has filled that void with a world-class solution. We are thrilled with the industry response to our integration with Amped”, said Jim Weaver, MediaSolv Solutions’ president and CEO.

Amped FIVE, the most versatile forensics video and image enhancing software in the industry, assists forensic investigators in processing and analyzing digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way. The MediaSolv Exclusive Amped FIVE First Responder is a simplified version for officers, investigators and technicians.

Amped FIVE software provides the forensic professional with a sophisticated tool set, including the ability to, “Load images and videos in many formats and adds new codecs and profiles every month; Convert proprietary video to standard files; Enhance video and images to pull out license plates, faces and anything else better; Newly enhanced redaction capabilities including dynamic tracking of faces and objects; Automatic generation of a detailed report documenting the scientific methodology; and present evidence that withstands the scrutiny of the courtroom.”

Since digital evidence showing modified or undocumented files is often excluded in the courtroom—which could result in a lost case—maintaining the integrity of original evidence is a key element in the design of Amped FIVE.

The integration to Amped FIVE Professional software, and the MediaSolv exclusive Amped FIVE First Responder allows law enforcement in the field to open previously inaccessible files, enhance and refine evidence and generate a Work Product MP4 Proxy of the video evidence.

A number of law enforcement agencies have adopted Mediasolv’s solutions including the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, the Chicago Police Service, Toronto Police Service and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. The integration of Mediasolv and Amped will fill law enforcement’s need for a forensics tool set with the MediaSolv Platform.

“MediaSolv is a leader in law enforcement grade asset management solutions. When it became clear that digital evidence has hit critical mass for forensic teams in law enforcement, and with the full onslaught of body worn cameras, we realized it was important for Amped Software to offer our customers a full network solution with authentication and chain of custody that will serve the LEAs as well as the Prosecutors. MediaSolv was the obvious choice,” said Eric Ord, director Amped Software North America.

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