Forensic Focus highlights Amped Software at Forensics Europe Expo

Forensic Focus, one of the digital forensics community leading sites, dedicated an article to the most interesting presentations at the conference, and we are proud to be highlighted:

“Authentification of data was another focal point of the conference; Martino Jerian from Amped talked about the difficulties of validating images for use in criminal cases. Identifying whether an image is an original file can be challenging, but the main issue is with the authenticity of the image’s contents. Three of the main things that Amped look out for in image validation are recapture, staging and misrepresented content; once they are sure that none of these are problematic, they analyse the image itself for signs of modification. Even a relatively simple technique such as cropping or editing the colour saturation can have a strong effect on the perceived meaning of a picture.”


Read the full article on Forensics Focus here.

If you are interested about image authentication check out Amped Authenticate.

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