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Meet Amped Software at Forensics Europe Expo

We’ll be exhibiting at Forensics Europe Expo on April 29-30, 2014 in Olympia, London, UK.


Forensics Europe Expo is the premier dedicated international forum for the entire forensics sector and supply chain, bringing together over 160 conference delegates with over 3000 attendees and 70+ international exhibiting companies. The event provides the entire forensics sector with the definitive source of education, best practice, training and networking that is critical for staying up to date about the latest innovative forensics products, services and practices. Continue reading

Proprietary CCTV and DVR video formats in Amped FIVE

If you happen to follow some forensic video analyst mailing lists, forums, and LinkedIn groups, you know that usually 9 out of 10 threads are variations on the theme “Who has the player (or codecs) for the XYZ format?”.

There are thousands of different proprietary video formats on the market, but most of them are not fully proprietary and employ standard codecs in a proprietary container.

About a year and half ago we introduced the possibility to convert some proprietary formats in Amped FIVE. When we tested that technology then, it working on around 20-25% of the formats we came across. Not a great percentage, but something is usually better than nothing.

With today’s release of Amped FIVE , we are expanding the compatibility to more than 70% of the formats we have in our database. As we cannot certainly have a sample of all the formats on the market, we expect that the user success percentage will be a bit lower, but should not be that much. Now instead of “something is better than nothing”, you have a fighting chance with conversion.

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Amped Software at Video Analysis Forum

From the Resolution Video website:

Video Analysis Forum – Aurora, Ontario Canada – April 7 – 10, 2014

Attend the second annual Video Analysis Forum and learn from a variety of experts the best practices, trends, and workflows used to analyze video evidence! From retrieval to court, you can expect to be actively engaged in all the issues surrounding video evidence today. A panel of specialists will be on hand to discuss the tools that work for them, current best practices, and future of video technology and analysis.

Eric from Amped Software North America will be presenting Amped FIVE and Amped Authenticate, but there will be a lot of other interesting talks, like that from our friend David Spreadborough, CCTV Investigator at UK Police.

You can register here.