Amped to develop new image and video forensic technologies with the MAVEN European Project

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Most of our research and development activities are done internally within our company, but we also believe in cooperation with university and research institutes to further push the state of the art of the current technologies in the forensic field. In this context, we are happy to announce that we are joining the MAVEN European Project: we really think that the scientific and technical expertise of the other institutions involved in the project will allow us to develop new outstanding in the field of image and video forensics.


What is MAVEN?

MAVEN is a collaborative project among seven European partners, which has been selected by the European Commission as one of the projects funded under the “Research for the benefit of SMEs” programme, in the 7th Framework Programme. The focus of this programme is to foster applied research driven by the needs of small and medium-sized companies, with the aim of producing a positive impact on their business in the short term. As for MAVEN, its technical goal is to develop market-ready, efficient and robust tools for the management and authenticity verification of multimedia contents. The project officially started on October 1st, and will run for 24 months until September 30th, 2015.


Despite the advances in the Security and Media sectors, MAVEN arises from the need of providing such industries with a suite of advanced technological solutions, able to operate in a range of realistic scenarios (CCTV, web images, broadcast data, etc). The project results will allow SMEs, law enforcement bodies, press agencies, insurance companies and broadcasting companies, among others, to manage their multimedia assets and verify its integrity and authenticity, all in an efficient and scalable manner.

What will MAVEN do?

MAVEN project will develop a set of tools for multimedia data management and security. The project’s objectives will be centered on two key concepts: “SEARCH” and “VERIFY”, both integrated in a coherent manner. This “search and verify” concept is not supported in an integrated manner by any tool currently available in the market.


The consortium that takes part in the MAVEN project comprises four companies and three research centers.

AMPED: an Italian company, pioneer in the development of software for the analysis and enhancement of images and video for forensic, security and investigative applications.

Playence: an Austrian company leading the next generation of enterprise search solutions. Its products solve the organization’s information access problem by exploiting the meaning of information to improve the availability of multimedia (i.e. text, audio, video, photo) content and reduce the time invested in search.

Arthaus: an IT services company from Macedonia that focuses on delivering high-quality, efficient and custom software solutions to small and medium sized companies around the world, as well as a set of own software products.

Xtream: a Spanish company, with a strong presence in Latin America, which develops and provides advanced digitization, cataloguing, management, archiving and distribution (digital signage, IPTV, Web, DTT…) software solutions for the government, security and media markets.

Gradiant: a private non-profit RTD center based in Vigo, Spain, whose focus is on applied ICT research and technology transfer to industry and society.

CNIT: a non-profit Consortium among 37 Italian universities fostering basic and applied research activities; in particular through its Research Units of the University of Siena and Florence CNIT provides longstanding experience in multimedia security technologies.

University of Cagliari through its Pattern Recognition and Applications (PRA) Lab, whose mission is to address fundamental issues for the development of future pattern recognition systems, in the context of real applications.

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