Amped presents Authenticate at the Digital Doctoring workshop from REWIND European Project

Next week there will be in Milan, Italy, a very interesting workshop, titled “Digital Doctoring: hot to tell the real from the fake”.

The workshop is organized by the partners of the European Project REWIND (which stands for REVerse engineering of audio-VIsual coNtent Data).

From the REWIND homepage:

With the rapid proliferation of inexpensive acquisition and storage devices, multimedia objects can be easily created, stored, transmitted, modified and tampered with by anyone. During its lifetime, a digital object might go through several processing stages, including multiple analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) conversions, coding and decoding, transmission, editing (either aimed at enhancing the quality, creating new content, mixing pre-existing material, or tampering with the content).

The REWIND project (funded within the FP7 ICT FET-Open funding scheme) starts from the fact that each of these processing steps necessarily leaves a characteristic footprint, which can be potentially detected and analyzed to trace back the past history of the available multimedia object in a blind fashion, i.e. without having access to the original content.

The REWIND projects tries to push forward the state-of-the-art of several topics closely related to the media authentication technologies, and in this workshop they tried to face the problem from different points of view, through the voice of specialized groups of law enforcement, public prosecutors offices, university, research centers and companies.

The image forensics field is a very hot topic in the research now (I often joke saying that, for what regards image processing groups, “forensics is the new black”) but there are not many companies working in this specific field and offering off-the-shelf products.

We were honored to be invited as speakers to the workshop: at the event we will introduce Amped Authenticate, our new software for image authentication and forgery detection. We will show that techniques usually applicable only by few  world recognized researchers in their labs are now accessible by an easy to use and complete software tool.

If you want to join, these are the coordinates for the workshop:


Tuesday November 12, 2013
Università degli Studi di Milano
Sala Napoleonica di Palazzo Greppi
Via Sant’Antonio 12, Milano

The participation to the event is free of charge. Please send an email to to
confirm your participation before November 7 2013

See you in Milan!

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